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Catify to Satisfy, by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin

18 May

This review is for our very own, awesome, Queen Librarian of the Universe, SuperWendy’s TBR Challenge.

The theme for this month is Something Different, and boy, oh boy, this is different.

How different? Well, it’s somewhere between interior design and self-help, neither of which I ever read.

(Spoiler: if you enjoy either of these types of books, or the show, you’ll probably want to skip this review)

Catify to Satisfy, by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin

A dude at work often gets print ARCs directly from publishers, and every so often he goes around the office, handing them over to people according to what he knows of their interests. This is…a very hit and miss way of giving books away.

Because I rescued two kittens. back in the fall of 2015, he just knew I would love this book, and so he handed it to me, with an admonition to let him know my thoughts.

Seventeen months later…::crickets::

But where are my manners? Here, allow me to introduce you to our characters, via the blurb:
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Crazy cat lady

10 Dec

I have mentioned before that most of the pets I’ve owned (or rather, cared for) in the past twenty years, have landed at my house either on their own accord, or as rescues.¹

Earlier this year I was bemoaning the fact that my pets had either died of old age, or gone away,² and that I was feeling more than a bit bereft.

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Still buried in work.

30 Oct
Gaby, working SO hard!

Gaby, working SO hard!

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Still here…somewhat.

12 Oct

Holy smokes, it’s been over a month since I so much as spent a few minutes around here, let alone actually posted.

I’m behind on everything, and this is, still, not a full post, more a brief note to catch up.

Also, gratuitous kitten pictures. (Wendy, you were right.)

Gaby the desk kitteh

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Decisions, decisions…(aka “and then there were none.”)

5 Mar

For the first time in well over 17 years, there are no furry companions to care for in my house.

I most definitely do not like it–talk about empty nest syndrome!

When my children left for college I missed them–still do, as a matter of fact–but my pets were always there for me, cheering me up by virtue of being here and loving me back, regardless of anything else going on with my life.

Then there’s the fact that at times there were more pets than I could fit in a house this size comfortably (I’m a sucker, ask my offspring).

Warning: long, self indulgent, meandering post below the fold.

(tl;dr version: pondering whether to adopt a dog or to buy a washing machine.)

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Saying goodbye again.

27 Jan

It is with a very heavy heart that I said goodbye to another one of my beautiful and loved pets yesterday.

As my nephew was trying to pack

As my nephew was trying to pack

Candy came to live with us when she was just shy of three months old, in early November 1997. She was a small grey tabby with a large presence. The first of all our pets, she knew everyone else–humans included–were interlopers, and was never shy in letting them know when they trespassed into her personal space.

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Is it abuse or last resort rehabilitation?

13 Sep

(Also known as “this is why you shouldn’t read any youtube comment threads.”)


I have been aware, in a not too keen manner, of the existence of Cesar Millan, the so-called dog whisperer, for quite a while. However, it wasn’t until very recently that I actually watched any of his NatGeoWild videos (which are now posted by the channel itself to youtube).

If you watch more than a few of these, I don’t believe you can fail to be impressed by this guy in at least one regard: It is resoundingly evident that he is not afraid of any dog, regardless of size, behaviour or bite (yes, he’s been bitten on camera more than once, and at least one such bite was bad enough as to require a hospital visit).

You may or may not subscribe to what he describes as dog psychology–pack leadership, dominance, natural state of being, and so on and so forth. (I don’t, by the by.)

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