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Wild emotional ride for the past two weeks.

5 Aug

Down, down, down…up, up, up.

I don’t talk much about my family online, but I did mention two weeks ago that my mother had a convulsive episode that landed her in the hospital. When I wrote that, it seemed that the event, while serious, would have no lasting effect, and that she would be released to my siblings’ care soon.

It was not the case, by a long shot.

She’s still in hospital.

Yesterday, they did another tomography (update: it was an MRI) of her brain, for which they had to sedate her. As she’s eighty one years old, and her previous experiences with anesthesia had never been good, we were concerned. Thankfully, she came through with flying colors.

Now, we wait to see what the neurologists have to say, and we hope for the best.
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Rest in peace, Omar Sharif

11 Jul

Omar Sharif, the wonderfully talented Egyptian actor who brought Doctor Yuri Zhivago to life, died of a heart attack yesterday in Cairo. He was 83 years old, and had been recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

(There’s wonderful remembrance of Mr Sharif at NPR, here.)


Mr Sharif has a special place in my heart, because he was my maternal grandmother’s favorite actor. This was not only because of his talent, which was duly appreciated by mi abuelita, but because he resembled my late grandfather.

This resemblance was very marked, and held throughout Mr Sharif’s life–photographs of my grandfather in his late sixties are very close to those of the actor at a similar age. Eerily so, in fact, down to the slighly gap toothed smile (which, interestingly, has never appeared again in the family).

This was particularly important for my grandmother because there were no photographs of her late husband as a young man.

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I’m back!

26 May

Didja miss me?

Yes, I know it was not even six full days, but still!

First things first: thanks for all the good wishes; my mother had a great time (and so did I, petty annoyances aside).

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Gone fishing (or something)

20 May

I may have mentioned before that my mother turns eighty tomorrow, and by all I hear, she’s fairly healthy and hearty.

A major milestone, the only excuse for all five of her children not to be there would probably be dismemberment…and maybe even that wouldn’t fly.

So I’ve given the poor credit card a work out (we are both still sobbing), and I’m leaving this morning. I have no idea whether I’ll have internet access or not–I come by my Luddite tendencies honestly, after all, though my brothers offer me some hope there. Continue reading

The print TBR of doom

2 Apr

I have spoken here before of the TBR mountain range. Alas, I’m afraid some of you may doubt me–despite past photographic evidence.

After all, it can be argued that enough time has passed for me to have read a good chunk of those books.

And you would not be necessarily wrong, if only I could only stop visiting used book stores. Which is almost impossible.

Let’s just say, I’m friends with the staff at all the UBSs within 25 miles of my house.

(Don’t judge me, people; I was late a very late arrival to the digital book party!)

Anyway, so yeah, even reading four to five books a week…not so much with the ‘let’s shrink this sucker’ when it comes to print books.

And then, just a couple of weeks ago, the owner of the UBS closest to me called me to give me the sad news: after 27 years in the same spot, she closed the store.

(A minute of silence in honor of one of the most romance friendly places you would ever want to visit.)

She called me not just because we are friendly, but also because with the closing she was putting everything in the store on sale at truly ridiculous prices.

Like, fill up a plastic grocery bag with paperbacks, pay one dollar.

What’s a book-aholic to do, I ask you?

Behold the haul:

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Rabble-rousing elsewhere at the moment (another EC v DA tangent)

15 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorAs some of you may remember, long ago, when I first started blogging, it was as a reviewer at Karen Scott’s blog. Little by little, things evolved–or devolved, depending on your point of view–to where I was writing at least as many opinion pieces as reviews.

Then things happened, life got in the way, and I pretty much dropped off the face of the intrawebz. When I was ready to come back, I didn’t quite felt comfortable hogging her blog, among other reasons because I was planning on doing a lot more “I have made this” posts. (Ah, plans, those quaint, oft forgotten things)

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Rambling rant and other stories.

13 Aug

(Please keep in mind that this was written on Sunday afternoon. After Monday’s news, all the shit below seems petty, small, unimportant–and yet, life must go on, so here it is.)


I’m very tired–working seven days a week ain’t for sissies–and dealing with some family crap that has no easy solution has sapped the cheerfulness out of me. Feel free to skip to the more neutral bits at the end, or entirely ignore this one, and instead expect a review in the next couple of days.

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