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Behold, a Victorian corset, entirely handsewn!

24 Aug
Front view of a corset in burgundy fabric with white muslin lining peeking out from the bottom, laced to a dress form. The shape is tapering from a sweetheart line over the bust to a tight waist, then wide flaring hips, with the front coming to a point low on the belly.

Okay, it’s tiny, but it totally counts (the busk is just under 3in/7cm long, and yes, that’s a pencil sharpener peeking out from behind the point of the busk, I used it to raise the dress form a bit).

Here’s how it happened, in another image-heavy post.

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Miniature books (handsewn, of course)

19 Aug
Close up of a miniature book, about 1in(just over 2cm) tall, open to show the blank pages with gold edges, and the magnetic closure. The cover is a black material that's  about 1mm (1/25th in) thick and flexible. It has jump rings on the top of the spine, to wear as a charm. There's another finished miniature book in the background, closed, and also some signatures for another book.

I have been hit with manic crafting energy for a couple of weeks, jumping from one thing to another. Last week I made over a dozen miniature books in a couple of days, until I got all the kinks worked out of the process.

(This is an image-heavy post, so feel free to skip it.)

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Classic sewing machine, of sorts

10 Aug
A pincushion made in the form of a classic sewing machine, black, with metal plate, a few miniature wooden spools with real thread, on a wooden base. A button stands for the wheel, and pins stand for the needle moving parts. The angle shows better the color of the thread in the spools

I cannot take good pictures to save my life, but still want to document my crafting endeavors, so, here we are.

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I may have a slight problem

8 Aug
Overhead shot of a cutting mat covered in scissors of different sizes and types, including thread snips, embroidery scissors, large sewing shears, curved cuticle scissors, and six paper scissors in various sizes, down to very, very small.
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