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Classic sewing machine, of sorts

10 Aug
A pincushion made in the form of a classic sewing machine, black, with metal plate, a few miniature wooden spools with real thread, on a wooden base. A button stands for the wheel, and pins stand for the needle moving parts. The angle shows better the color of the thread in the spools

I cannot take good pictures to save my life, but still want to document my crafting endeavors, so, here we are.

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I may have a slight problem

8 Aug
Overhead shot of a cutting mat covered in scissors of different sizes and types, including thread snips, embroidery scissors, large sewing shears, curved cuticle scissors, and six paper scissors in various sizes, down to very, very small.
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Sashiko panel on a square pouch

3 Aug
Overhead shot of the pouch on its side, the zipper is pulled open so the gaps on the sides, where the zipper is not attached, are more evident
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Scattered making

25 Jul

Because the world is still on fire, while the people in charge pretend not to notice how well aimed the flames are (they are not, after all, first in line to burn), I continue to struggle to read. Making things, on the other hand, is happening.

I hope to write a post for each of these things once I finish them, but in the meantime, a few teasers:

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