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The artistry of Despoina

7 Aug

For about a year now I have visited Kellie Reynolds’ blog at Kell Belle Studio, after finding one of her excellent tutorials in YouTube. Through her I’ve discovered a number of incredibly talented artisans who create entire worlds out of the simplest of materials–paper, bits of fabric or wire, glue.

However, as anyone who has tried crafting anything knows, materials are not what matters–it’s imagination and talent.

Despoina, of the lovely MagnaDi, is blessed with incredible talent.

Take a look at the amazing, beautifully detailed paper¹ dresses she made for Kellie’s (aborted) Fashion Week Blog Hop:
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Felt covered notebook for Fatin (May 2012)

17 May

Fatin, known throughout the romance blogosphere as Mad of Novel Thoughts, is one of the most generous and genuine people I’ve met in my life–on or off line. So, inspired by something I saw at CraftGossip, I made her this humble offering, with love and gratitude.

Baby boy cardigan (March 2011)

4 May

A while back I found the most darling–and incredibly simple to knit–pattern for a baby cardigan. (I’ll edit the post with link and/or name as soon as I have a moment to look for it). It so happened that I had the most delicious shade of pale blue yarn handy:

Mind you, this picture doesn’t truly do it justice–this one comes closer to the true shade of the yarn: Continue reading

Double cable scarf in navy for Tania B (January 2012)

21 Mar

A while back I posted about knitting left-handedly and how apparently all my cables are wrong because they cross in the opposite direction as those of right handed knitters. Continue reading

Random hat for Awilda (November 2011)

20 Feb

Awilda's hat from above

I love knitting. It’s at once relaxing and challenging for me. Relaxing because, by it’s very nature, knitting is repetitive. You knit, you purl. You may throw in yarn over or knit two together, hold stitches in front or back for cables or what not, but in the end, you knit and you purl.

It’s challenging because with every piece I knit I discover something new. Continue reading

The Cruella (hat) for Kris B. (November 2011)

13 Feb

I am not sure if every artisan feels the same, but I confess that I’m absolutely thrilled when someone contacts me and asks, “Can you make this for me?” Part of me wants to bounce all over the room, squeeeeeeeing like a fangirl at a booksigning (yes, I’m a bookaholic, your point?) while part of me is half-frozen with panic: can I really make that? Continue reading

Teenie Tiny Mini Journal / Album

6 Feb

(aka, the first time I’ve ever been accused of taking ‘too good’ pictures 😀 )

This little thing was inspired by several YouTube videos–and many crafters and scrapbooking folk are familiar with the concept. From what I’ve seen, the most common uses are little ‘flip books’ within a scrapbook page layout, and the starting paper size tends to be 12″ x 12″. Continue reading