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May your Christmas be joyful!

25 Dec

Xmas gift tags quilled poinsettias i

From all of us at casa aztec.

The artistry of Despoina

7 Aug

For about a year now I have visited Kellie Reynolds’ blog at Kell Belle Studio, after finding one of her excellent tutorials in YouTube. Through her I’ve discovered a number of incredibly talented artisans who create entire worlds out of the simplest of materials–paper, bits of fabric or wire, glue.

However, as anyone who has tried crafting anything knows, materials are not what matters–it’s imagination and talent.

Despoina, of the lovely MagnaDi, is blessed with incredible talent.

Take a look at the amazing, beautifully detailed paper¹ dresses she made for Kellie’s (aborted) Fashion Week Blog Hop:
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Teenie Tiny Mini Journal / Album

6 Feb

(aka, the first time I’ve ever been accused of taking ‘too good’ pictures 😀 )

This little thing was inspired by several YouTube videos–and many crafters and scrapbooking folk are familiar with the concept. From what I’ve seen, the most common uses are little ‘flip books’ within a scrapbook page layout, and the starting paper size tends to be 12″ x 12″. Continue reading

Altered Tin and Accordion Mini for Aleem (June 2011)

21 Jan

Beware: yet another image heavy post

altered tin can - top

I have always been intrigued by well constructed items deemed by most as disposable. Sturdy, well designed cardboard boxes have long been kept, covered and altered by me–there is a one such box in my bathroom right now holding a number of hair accessories. I made it before I conceived my firstborn¹. Continue reading