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Mini Christmas Ornaments

7 May
Close up of a Christmas tree showing a six pointed white quilled snowflake
They are so delicate, just about 1in across. and about 1/8 inch thick
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They liked them!

30 Apr

There are few things more fulfilling than when something you made for someone else is well received.

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Chris’s Stars

19 Apr
Green, blue and pink stars resting on white paper
I am really happy with how each came together, and I love them as a group

A couple of weeks ago, I showed the pictures of Vanessa’s star to a friend, who was kind enough to oooohhhh! and aaaahhh! enough over it, that I made a smaller one for each family member, in their favorite colors.

Beware another image-heavy post with lots of quilling porn.

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Vanessa’s Star

5 Apr
Close up of a quilled six-pointed star, showing the position and shine of the glittery green plastic gems
I love the effect of the shiny green gems

Generally speaking, I prefer crafts that produce small objects. This star I made for a neighbor is the rare exception, as it came out to just a bit under a foot across.

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