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Teenie Tiny Mini Journal / Album

6 Feb

(aka, the first time I’ve ever been accused of taking ‘too good’ pictures 😀 )

This little thing was inspired by several YouTube videos–and many crafters and scrapbooking folk are familiar with the concept. From what I’ve seen, the most common uses are little ‘flip books’ within a scrapbook page layout, and the starting paper size tends to be 12″ x 12″. Continue reading

Lolokina: the amazing, lovely art of Mariam Saakashvili

24 Jan

Augusta, by Mariam Saakashvili

A while back I created an Etsy treasury based on the idea of paper art. Sadly, I didn’t think to preserve a copy of it as it was, and now it’s dwindled (expired listings disappear–and so do some sold ones, without rhyme or reason that I can find).

Ah well, live and learn. Continue reading

Altered Tin and Accordion Mini for Aleem (June 2011)

21 Jan

Beware: yet another image heavy post

altered tin can - top

I have always been intrigued by well constructed items deemed by most as disposable. Sturdy, well designed cardboard boxes have long been kept, covered and altered by me–there is a one such box in my bathroom right now holding a number of hair accessories. I made it before I conceived my firstborn¹. Continue reading

Pocket Journal for Lauren (May 2011)

11 Jan

Beware: what follows is an extremely image-heavy post.

Following through on yesterday’s post, here is the first photo blog on finished craft projects.

Pocket Journal for Lauren - May 2011

Earlier last year I discovered that YouTube is full of tutorials on book binding. From very simple Japanese stitching to professional book binding–and everything in between. This pretty little journal, made for a co-worker who moved to Australia to study medicine, is one of my first efforts at Coptic stitch binding. Continue reading

Hiding your book addiction

12 Apr

(This visual post is in honor of the wunnerful orannia, she of the  equally wunnerful Walkabout blog)

So you have a book addiction and have run out of space in the normal book venues (aka, the visible bookcases) like this:

or this : Continue reading

What happened to the three Rs?

16 Mar

Can you shed some light on this?

We keep hearing about the push to stop wasteful behaviour, how it’s important to teach our children to reduce the amount of trash they produce, to reuse stuff-for the same or different purposes that it was originally intended, no matter as long as it means less waste-to actively recycle whatever we can from our household discards.

There are places like Earth911, Freecycle and many more.

And yet, when I call my local elementary school to ask if they would take notebooks with a few missing pages at the top (I swear, none of them less than ¾ new); boxes of crayons, colored pencils, and markers that have been used a bit, perhaps missing one or two colors; used plastic binders and folders in good shape, and other school supplies…

… I am told that jeez, they would be happy to take them if only they were new, but that they don’t have any use for my crap stuff.

So, I ask you, our readers…

What the hell? Continue reading