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Striped fuzzy scarf for Ann (July 2009)

13 Jan

Extreme close up - blue and white striped fuzzy scarf
Back in late April 2009, author Ann Aguirre spend a couple of days over chez aztec while attending the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando. By then we had already been friendly online for over a year, and I was officially her virtual assistance, so meeting in person was most excellent and oh so much fun!

Fast forward a couple of months. During a chat with Ann she mentioned that no one had ever made her something, from scratch, just for her. Obviously, I jumped on the chance to do something tangible, just for her, to thank her for her many and varied kindnesses toward me.

(Beware: another image-heavy post, though less so than the previous one)

Ann told me that she likes stripes and the colors blue and white, so Continue reading

Pocket Journal for Lauren (May 2011)

11 Jan

Beware: what follows is an extremely image-heavy post.

Following through on yesterday’s post, here is the first photo blog on finished craft projects.

Pocket Journal for Lauren - May 2011

Earlier last year I discovered that YouTube is full of tutorials on book binding. From very simple Japanese stitching to professional book binding–and everything in between. This pretty little journal, made for a co-worker who moved to Australia to study medicine, is one of my first efforts at Coptic stitch binding. Continue reading