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Strolling down memory lane

28 Mar

(This post was written and scheduled on Sunday March 23, 2015, as I had hoped to post two or three reviews during the week. Fat chance, after this. I thought about re-scheduling or deleting it then, but you know what? Fuck that. So here you have it, a stroll down memory lane.)


I have been part of the Bitchery–as a habitual reader and regular commentator for most of the ten years the website has existed. There are many things about the site and the people who run it that I adore, many that I enjoy, some that I disagree with (which is, you know, normal when we are talking about people–not two people are going to agree on absolutely everything, right?)

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I laughed so hard…

10 Mar

Some of you may know that I had a fairly menial, badly paid, highly stressful and absolutely soul-killing job in the food service industry for four years, eight months and change. Not that I was counting or anything. *cough*

Anyway, now I work for a small unit which is part of a rather large corporation.

Which is rewarding, challenging, entertaining, and could be better paid, but hey, I have insurance and paid sick and vacation days, so I truly shouldn’t complain, right?

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Oh dear dog, so true!!! (NSFW: language)

30 Jul


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Babysitting demanding, fickle strangers.

10 Jun

As some of you may know, I work in hospitality. It’s a food franchise and while I don’t ask people whether they’d like fries with that, I do spend an awful lot of my time apologizing to customers for things that are utterly out of my control.

Today Yesterday was already not going well¹ when a customer raised his voice at me, as I was trying to explain that he could use some of his rewards on what he was ordering, because we dare charge him for (item). “It’s a disgrace!” he ranted and stalked off, mid-order. He came back a minute later, started to bark at me some more, so I had to raise my voice to ask whether or not he wanted to use his (fucking) rewards on what he was, in fact, ordering.

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LOST in a minute (by cats, of course)

15 Feb


(I will write an actual post at some point soon. Really)

And now something completely different: behold, rice fields

19 Jul

From a site promoting tours of the Yunnan Province in China:

Yuanyang hani Rice Terrace Fields

Lovely, grand scale artistic expression.

After the jump, unintentionally funny photograph (and some may consider it NSFW, so consider yourself warned)

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A day late, a penny short: a couple of awesome updates.

12 Jul

(further update at the end)

BearLove Good, Cancer Bad–and Mathew Inman, pretty much awesomesauce through and through: The Oatmeal blog update has some of the pictures of the money, which will be dutifully send to Charles Carreon¹ via Priority Mail.

Boing Boing has a Flickr slideshow with more pictures, and Popehat has a lovely closing remarks. Heck, there was even a mention–and earlier even an image in the homepage–at

It pains me that Inman may yet be penalized, tax-wise, by fulfilling his promise to his readers and donors. According to that msnbc article, he “had to fill out a bunch of tax forms.”

Ann Branson‘s own fundraising is finished–and more than double her original goal was raised, so indeed, it’s quite possible that, after all fees have been deducted, both the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Americans for the Arts will receive a thousand dollars a piece. Awesomely well played, Ann!

~~~ * ~~~

Here‘s Ann Branson’s own Fuck you, Charles Carreon picture–along with math and receipts for the money that actually made it to each charity’s account. The Electronic Frontier Foundation got $1,162.00 and Americans for the Arts got $1, 163.00.

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¹ Who, by the way, really can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life.