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xkcd’s “Types of Scientific Papers” meme, but make it romance

3 May

What can I say? I could not resist.

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Way to kill the mood, WordPress

17 Mar

I was just getting back in the groove of blogging, and now WordPress has killed the classic editor entirely.

I *despise* the block editor with the heat of a thousand novas. There’s nothing intuitive about it, and I cannot find a way to add categories or tags to posts–and before you tell me how to do it, the point is: the old way didn’t require a lot of asking or being told, it was very user friendly. This fuckery? Is not.

I fucking HATE this shit.

edit: I found how to add tags, cannot find how to add images. GREAT job, when we get hammered with how adding images increases visibility. Plus, the shit I want to share right now depends heavily on images.

edit the second: I figured out the incredibly stupid and convoluted way to add a ‘featured image’ to a post. No idea how that would work with image-heavy posts, or if it’s even doable. Fuck whoever the asshole was who decided to fuck bloggers this way.

edit the third: the new motherfucking editor will not let you add a small image to your post, even if that’s all you want to post, because they consider that any image is a FEATURED IMAGE. No thumbnails for you, bloggers, only humongous files. Why in the actual fuck, and may the fucker who thought this was a good idea burn in everlasting hell.

further edit: I lied, you can add images mid-post, but again is a convoluted process that I just spent over an hour trying to figure out. Worse: I can’t tell whether the alt-text that I type in the media library makes it to the image that posts with the blogpost. This fuckery has me near tears, and for what?

Five years on, still somewhat here.

3 Jan

I have a few moments at work, so I’m dashing off a bit of an update, after the deafening silence on the blog.

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Hurricane #Irma chez aztec

12 Sep

As some of you may know, I’m in Florida, in the Greater Orlando area. We were in Hurricane Irma’s forecast path for several days. Fortunately, we were not hit directly.

My house is still standing. Lost some siding, some soffit, and the back porch is a loss, but otherwise, the house is still structurally sound. Yay!

On the other hand, my side yard is impassable, due to tree limbs and other debris that, by the grace of some unknown deity, didn’t hit the house itself. And I have no power, no internet, and no cell phone signal. Yay.

I am one of the lucky ones.

Thank you all who sent good thoughts our way.