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Five years on, still somewhat here.

3 Jan

I have a few moments at work, so I’m dashing off a bit of an update, after the deafening silence on the blog.

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Hurricane #Irma chez aztec

12 Sep

As some of you may know, I’m in Florida, in the Greater Orlando area. We were in Hurricane Irma’s forecast path for several days. Fortunately, we were not hit directly.

My house is still standing. Lost some siding, some soffit, and the back porch is a loss, but otherwise, the house is still structurally sound. Yay!

On the other hand, my side yard is impassable, due to tree limbs and other debris that, by the grace of some unknown deity, didn’t hit the house itself. And I have no power, no internet, and no cell phone signal. Yay.

I am one of the lucky ones.

Thank you all who sent good thoughts our way.

Oooopsss — status report chez aztec

5 Apr

Just a quick note: a number of posts that I thought I had scheduled to post over the past month and a half never posted–because aztec didn’t pay attention, and saved them all as drafts.

Most of them belong to the International Women’s Day thread/page, and a couple of reviews, so they will be back dated to when I originally had intended them to post. I apologize in advance, particularly if you subscribe to email notifications and get a bunch of them today.

On other news: I caved to peer pressure and am now on twitter, @herhandsmyhands.

Thinking time – why I blog, why I review

3 Jan

Today is the third anniversary of Her Hands, My Hands.

(Lest some readers be confused, all posts predating January 3rd, 2012 come from elsewhere.¹)

At different times since 2008, when I first started reviewing, I have written my thoughts on what reviews mean and who they are written for. Like many other bloggers, I’ve struggled with whether or not to accept ARCs and commit to post reviews on specific dates.²

2014 was a very challenging year for book bloggers, and many of them have either closed their doors or quietly gone private. Their voices will be missed, but honestly, who can blame them?

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Not quite there yet.

1 Jan

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because, as far as I can see, those are broken close to a hundred percent of the time, and what I need is change that sticks.

The past two years have been…

Challenging, depressing, difficult, at times veering on horrid (and this, despite knowing I have it a lot better than many other people out there–which doesn’t help, because it only makes me feel self-centered on top of everything else).

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Wow, it’s been a year!

3 Jan

I’m hoping to be a bit more consistent with blogging this year–and to finally get around to posting about what I’ve been making for the past several months.

Note to self: devote some time to figuring out how to get the camera and software to play with each other again.

Things have changed a bit–for the better–at work, but mostly I believe I’ve worked a few things internally. Here’s to being happier this year!

What’s up with this?

2 Jun

This being a blog read by virtually no one, I had gotten zero spam. Then came the spike in views from the people following the Kristi Diehm, plagiarist dêbacle¹–and now I get tons of spam comments.

The truly funny thing–to me, at least–is that 99.9% of it lands in my review of Cheryl St. John’s Heaven Can Wait.


On and…does anyone else find it hilarious that there is a copyright notice at the bottom of the plagiarist’s site?

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¹ Anyone who happens to wonder what I mean, here they are in alphabetical chronological order:

Why does anyone care… (about apologies)

Oh no, she didn’t! (sadly, she did) (chutzpah and lies, she has ’em)

Long ago, in a galaxy…wait a minute–it is now and just next door (about what we should do when facing chutzpah and lies)

No, plagiarism doesn’t just “happen” (and the lies, they keep coming)

So. On that plagiarism, apology, forgiveness thing? I’m more of a cynic than I thought (sadly proven right by events)