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Meryl Streep just gets better and better

9 May

I don’t know that I would brave the mall to see this (I never do–it’s been at least ten years since I did it last), but boy, I’m seeing it as soon as it can be managed:

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The Equalizer (sort of a movie review)

18 Apr

I am old enough that I watched Edward Woodward as the original Equalizer in the tv show as it aired on CBS.

As someone who is very rarely happy with remakes, I wasn’t too enthused with the idea of a movie. Particularly when these days, all movies seem to be attempts at starting franchises, but in this case, also because my nostalgia made me remember the series as being really good.

Then, of course, I saw this:


And all bets were off.

I am an unabashed Denzel Washington fan.

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Firefly, crowdfunding, the power of nostalgia, and quiet panic.

15 Mar

First, the panic. I have not found anything to read that matches (even folding, twisting, or pulling inside out) the theme of this month’s TBR Challenge. Oh I’m sure on Wednesday evening I’ll find a dozen books that fit, but right now? Not. A. One.

Shoot me now.

Of course, while panicking, the best course of action is to procrastinate. And what better way to do it than to watch an old TV show favorite?

I actually watched most of Firefly as it aired originally, and cried foul (for years) at FOX for its untimely cancellation. *dusts browncoat off* Yes, those dartardly stupid FOX executives.

I hope that the remake craze never touches Firefly, but I feel confident that if it does, a rain of pestilence will kill the project before it comes to disgusting, foul, unbearable reality.

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Ah, the 80s!

28 Feb

If you are a child of the 80s, this video will make you smile.


I admit that I cannot name all the movies, but isn’t it just wonderful?

Man of Steel (sort of a movie review)

10 Jan

A while back, Meljean Brook posted the trailer for Man of Steel, the latest movie iteration of Superman.

Now, I’m not much of a comic heroes’ fan, but I confess that the trailer did catch my eye (in more ways than one):

First of all, this is a much darker movie–both in the deliberate use of light and color and in the story itself–than, say, Christopher Reeve’s Superman. There’s a bit more of an exploration of life in Krypton, its story, society, and the reason for its collapse.

There is also a more realistic approach to what it would be to be so utterly, intrinsically different from everyone else around you–the total isolation in the midst of crowds.

I confess that I ate the first two thirds or so of the movie up. First of all, I liked how the story was structured, and virtually all the casting choices are excellent.¹

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Lying to be Perfect (sort of a movie review)

1 Jan

A few weeks ago I was wandering around online, like you do, when I discovered that at some point years ago, Poppy Montgomery made a made-for-tv movie called Lying to be Perfect. Now, some of you may remember that Ms Montgomery was one of the actors in Without a Trace, which was a show I enjoyed very much for the first few seasons. I liked her in it and was happy to see her in something else, so I was all, “okay, let’s watch this movie.”

So I did and here is, more or less, what I thought.

Beware, though, there be spoilers ahead!

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Criminal Minds marathon–seasons 3 through 7

14 Oct

Most people reading this blog have probably seen at least a couple of seasons of Criminal Minds, but in case you just happened to wander in without previous knowledge and would like to retain your innocence, beware: what follows is chock-full of spoilers not just for the specific seasons in the title, but for the series as a whole.

Also, most of the show is pretty graphic and most of the victims of the violence are women. Just as it happens in real life.

Read on at your own risk.

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