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Marvel One Shot

3 Feb

Even though I haven’t watched all the movies, and I’m not even a particular fan of the characters or the comics, I enjoy these little shorts put out by Marvel every so often.

Today, when the pain in my cracked tooth is such that I’ve been fighting tears for a few hours, had to duck out of work six hours early (my check is going to suck so bad), and have no patience for anything, this particular one lifted my spirits enough that I laughed out loud. (Of course I winced and moaned immediately after–gah, toothache is worse than the pain of labor, there’s no pause in between and no expectation of a happy event.)

Beautiful tears

29 Dec

I have never seen Pixar’s UP! yet I find myself watching this often:


Love often hurts, but it’s always worth it.

Criminal Minds

18 Oct

A very long time ago–I must have been eleven or perhaps twelve years old–my siblings and I used to visit my father oh, once or perhaps twice a month. Such visits often involved very little time spent actually with him, and a lot of time finding something to read to be quiet and let him nap.¹ The good news is that there was always something to read, and that all five of us are voracious readers.

One on such occasion, I found the book An Autumn of Terror: The Crimes and Times of Jack the Ripper.² Published in 1965, it is quite outdated in its methods of study, and yet, both at the time it was published and when I read it, it was pretty much cutting edge in how it looked at the evidence and the inferences it made from it.

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Tolerance, bigotry and the difference between them.

12 Jul


Ender’s Game.

The movie is coming out later this year and many people are calling out to boycott it.

The novel’s author feels that doing so is to indulge in bigotry against him, and has publicly pleaded for tolerance.

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Godspeed, Roger Ebert

4 Apr

Roger Ebert - Rest in Peace 2

This is very sad news.

Passionate film lover and film reviewer extraordinaire Roger Ebert has finally succumbed to his long fight against cancers of the thyroid and the salivary glands.

I didn’t always agree with Mr Ebert, but I always, always found something of interest, and very often some common ground, on his reviews. After many years of reading his reviews, I developed a feeling for how his tastes matched mine and how they differed, and came to rely on his recommendations (so to speak). I will miss them, and his presence.

Godspeed, Mr Ebert

Read a moving In Memory at Chicago Sun Times. and for more details go to TODAY

Classy, in the best possible way: Jodie Foster

14 Jan

One of the people I’ve admired pretty much my entire life–even though I’m just a few years younger than she is–she has also always been one of the best possible examples of maturity, class and decency.

And last night, she demonstrated all this once again, in a very public forum.

“Love people and stay beside them.”

“Mom…I love you, I love you, I love you. And I hope that if I say this three times, it will magically and perfectly enter into your soul, and fill you with grace and the joy of knowing that you did good in this life. You are great mom. Please take that with you when you are finally okay to go.”

Ms Foster, please accept my humble thanks for all the joy you’ve brought to our lives for so long. May you continue doing so for, indeed, the next fifty years.

(I can’t believe I misspelled her name!)

Godspeed, Dr Quincy

25 Dec

Rest in peace, Jack Klugman