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You don’t have to try.

26 Jan

Recently I have been paying more attention to diversity of representation in the media I enjoy.

I have also been quite fed up with music without meaning. Don’t get me wrong, catchy songs are great–but a song where the same four phrases are repeated twenty seven times ? (“Feliz Navidad,” I’m looking at you)

So, while one can argue that, because the singer is yet another young, slim, white, privileged woman, this song is just more of the same…well, I really like the message of the song, and I absolutely love the video:

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Ah, the 80s!

28 Feb

If you are a child of the 80s, this video will make you smile.


I admit that I cannot name all the movies, but isn’t it just wonderful?

I could listen to them all day, every day.

31 Jan

Long ago (at least in online terms) I saw a video of 2Cellos, playing Coldplay’s Every Teardrop is a Waterfall in ONE cello.

Which blew my mind and led to me watching their Smooth Criminal video obsessively for a few days.

These days, I have bookmarked a playlist of 200+ videos that I listen to most of the time I’m at work.

Below the fold, a few choice selections.

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What Happily Ever After can mean.

26 Aug

Earlier today I was reading the comments on this post¹ at the Smart Bitches blog. One of the commenters made a point of saying how unrealistic genre romance HEA is–people don’t live happily ever after, they must face all the things life throws at them over the years. Growing pains, unemployment, illnesses, differences of opinion, families.

As someone who is currently single and unattached–and not feeling very optimistic about change on this front, frankly–I embraced the idea articulated by another commenter: the HEA is the single most escapist aspect of romance. I’ll go one better and say that the HEA is what makes it so accessible to, and beloved by, so many people of different backgrounds, different educational, social and economic levels.

And then, I saw this video:

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