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It comes down to trust…

8 Mar

I was reading this piece on nbc news about a company that has been continuously run by the same family for 390 years.

Almost four centuries–one family, one company.

Clearly, a whole bunch of people have been doing something right, correct?¹

The part I find fascinating is the fact that for decades there have been no layouts. None. Mind you, I’m sure not all the people hired have always worked out and people who are incompetent or incompatible with the company’s policies surely find their way to the door. But none of them have been laid off.

The CEO says, “You take care of us, and we’ll take care of you.”

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Sick as a dog–whatever it truly means.

1 Feb

I’m sick enough that I’ve asked for four straight days off from work.

This may not seem a big deal to most people but for me it’s huge. Since starting work for this company in January 2010, I haven’t had more than two consecutive days off. In three years I’ve also only called out sick once before–and trust me, they really didn’t want me anywhere near the place that day.

But I’m feeling like shit right now, with chest congestion, a horrible dry cough that hurts, clogged ears that make interacting with customers an even more painful experience than usual. I’m also occasionally light headed, my hands shake a bit, and by turns I’m so cold I’m shivering or so hot I sweat.

Yeah, here’s hoping is not the flu, but whatever it is, it’s definitely not fun.

On the plus side, I may have enough energy to figure out how to re-install the printer and the camera. It would be nice if I could actually put some of my finished stuff up at Etsy, you know?


(My paycheck is sooooo going to suck)

Who (the fuck) does this?

8 Jan

Just now I read about pets left to die by the criminals who entertain themselves by torturing helpless beings. The most disturbing thing for me is the last line: vet Ron Hendrick says that people find tortured pets like this one about once a month–in this particular part of Texas.

Now imagine how many are found in the state.

The country.

The world.

Scary, yes?

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It’s over already?

31 Dec

Free fireworks image

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Although it’s been said, many times, many ways…

21 Dec

working retail /food industry during the holiday season is the darkest pit of hell on earth.

Mind you, at least ninety nine percent of the people I deal with on a daily basis are normally decent folk–and about a full third of them are nice to those of us unlucky enough to be working in food service. But there is always that one person who must spread the misery around–that one person who must complain, berate, belittle and in all ways ruin your mood and your entire day.

May their hell be to wait on those they themselves have victimized.

Defies my understanding.

2 Aug

Today at work I had to wait on a woman wearing a t-shirt bearing the likeness of Mussolini, Hitler and Obama, with a short and pithy legend equating the three ‘regimes.’

I may be wrong, but I fear that only those who lack the curiosity to educate themselves on the realities of life under either Hitler or Mussolini–for everyone, by the way–and the imagination to put themselves in the shoes of those who did live under them, can equate a president of the United States with them the other two.

This, that, and the other (irrelevant personal bits)

3 Mar

So, for all my good intentions, I’ve yet to review even one book this year (or, indeed, for the past however many months).

Which definitely doesn’t mean that I’m not reading. I am, quite a bit–even if a rather large percentage of my reading is rereading, it still counts, right? And there is always the hope that I’ll get around to write reviews for some of these books.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the reasons for the lack of reviews is that I’m working at a food franchise. In a reversal of what I understand is most common, I had never worked retail. Most of my coworkers are teens or young twenty-somethings working their way through college. Almost unanimously, they intend eventually to pursue a career in their field of choice, far away from the food industry or any retail/service job, it at all possible.

My case is…slightly different.

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