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September 19: a terrible echo, a cursed date.

23 Sep

“On the thirty second anniversary of the strongest, most destructive earthquake to ever hit Mexico City in its long, long history, the annual earthquake preparedness drill was held. Two hours later, another very strong earthquake, hit. At least 44 structures in the city alone collapsed within minutes, who knows how many more were condemned after thorough inspections. Who knows how many more were weakened in ways that will not be seen until the next tremor.”

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Odds and ends

8 Apr

For #RomancelandiaMovieNight next week, the movie is MAID IN MANHATTAN (2002). Cinderella, with a twist!

It’s been a bad week for reading, let alone reviewing, and I don’t have much progress to show on my sewing for #RomancingTheVote, but I can’t let the week pass without a post, lest I backslide to letting the blog die, so this short note will have to suffice.

See you next week!

Finished three pieces for a denim/solid light pink/solid royal blue pouch, with light stripped blue lining and white zipper.
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Wherever you go, there you are.

19 Nov

This is one of those things that are self-evident, no? And yet, sometimes we fail to see what’s evident until something forces us to focus on it.

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It’s not reading, but it’s something.

11 Mar

Bleak House, by Ravensblight

I am still mired in the world’s longest and most desolate reading slump, but something in my brain has clicked, and I’m now in the midst of a slightly manic crafting/making spree.

I am simultaneously making a library diorama in a ridiculously small scale (it fits inside an Altoids tin, to give you an idea), and a 1:12 scale acoustic guitar, for two different people, while building a doll’s house doll house (also known as 1:144 scale). I am also planning the end of year tokens for my co-workers–which obviously didn’t happen last year because pandemic, working from home, and general exhaustion.

Interestingly, what jumpstarted this most welcome return to doing something other than obsessively reading twitter or doing puzzles online was watching a video on youtube of someone making paper houses. I don’t know why or how printing a paper model and putting it together as an impulse flicked the switch in my brain, but it did, and I’m so very grateful.

Now, if I could only start reading new stuff consistently…