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One year later.

11 Aug


Still missing you, Robin.

Rest in peace, Omar Sharif

11 Jul

Omar Sharif, the wonderfully talented Egyptian actor who brought Doctor Yuri Zhivago to life, died of a heart attack yesterday in Cairo. He was 83 years old, and had been recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

(There’s wonderful remembrance of Mr Sharif at NPR, here.)


Mr Sharif has a special place in my heart, because he was my maternal grandmother’s favorite actor. This was not only because of his talent, which was duly appreciated by mi abuelita, but because he resembled my late grandfather.

This resemblance was very marked, and held throughout Mr Sharif’s life–photographs of my grandfather in his late sixties are very close to those of the actor at a similar age. Eerily so, in fact, down to the slighly gap toothed smile (which, interestingly, has never appeared again in the family).

This was particularly important for my grandmother because there were no photographs of her late husband as a young man.

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Godspeed, Mr Spock

27 Feb

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Here’s to you, Ms Small

26 Feb

As an avid romance genre reader, I’m often painfully aware of how popular it is to mock my reading material. Often to my face (virtual or real.) People who know nothing else about me assume that I’m uneducated, mentally lazy (if not outright stupid), unhappy, fat, ugly, and a host of other unflattering and insulting stereotypes, because I admit to reading romance and liking it.

The theory goes that if I were anything but uneducated, stupid, lazy, fat, ugly, etc., I would read proper fiction (or, depending on the snobbery of the other party, non-fiction) instead of ‘that trash.’

This derisive view of romance readers–and writers–is truly prevalent.

This fact was driven home to me today when I saw that, despite the fact that when Ms Small’s death was announced on facebook late on Tuesday, by Kathryn Falk (founder, Romantic Times magazine) there were hundreds of tweets about it–and not just by native English readers and speakers, and not only in English either–within the hour, and dozens of posts to facebook in remembrance, I could not find any obituaries.¹

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May you forever be at peace, Robin.

11 Aug

I just now learned that Robin Williams is dead. Some of you may know that he suffered from depression for most of his life. Apparently it was bad at the moment and suicide is suspected. I am sure I join many, many people all around the globe who are thinking not only of the loss of such a talented human being, but of his family.

For many reasons this has hit me a lot harder than it may have otherwise.

I was never lucky enough to meet Robin Williams, and I can’t presume to know much about the person behind the public persona, but I’m extremely sad by the loss of life and hope on a person still young and vital, a person who had brought so much joy to countless people of different ages and upbringings and beliefs.

Towards the end of his appearance at Inside the Actors’ Studio, when asked, “If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?” part of his answer was, “To know that there’s laughter.”

If there is a heaven, or any thereafter at all, I am sure you have brought laughter there with you.

Godspeed, Robin Williams. The world is a much quieter, and sadder, place without you.

We will miss you, Mr Garner

20 Jul

I read the most succinct and wonderful obituary for James Garner at a forum I help moderate:

He was always a pleasure to see in what ever he did. That’s not a shabby legacy.

Thank you for the many hours of entertainment, for the good humor, the smiles, the charming scamp, the thoughtful frown and the wise curmudgeon.

And thank you, always, for Murphy:


Thank you for the love.

9 Apr

Today I had to say goodbye to Shadow, a much loved and loving friend.

~ * ~

A couple of weeks ago I noticed she was a bit thinner than usual.

Ten days ago I noticed her hair was not as shiny…and she was even thinner.

A week ago I was alarmed by how much weigh she had lost, so quickly, and how skinny she felt and looked, and after close observation for a couple of days, I realized she had stopped eating.

Today, after talking with our vet, I had to make the painful decision to put my friend to sleep.

I want to remember all the good times.
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