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Godspeed, Mr Mandela

5 Dec

The light of your soul illuminated the world, a beacon of hope, a renewal of the downtrodden’s faith in humanity. We are richer, that you walked among us, and are poorer for your passing. Rest in peace, President Mandela, you have earned it.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

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Godspeed, Roger Ebert

4 Apr

Roger Ebert - Rest in Peace 2

This is very sad news.

Passionate film lover and film reviewer extraordinaire Roger Ebert has finally succumbed to his long fight against cancers of the thyroid and the salivary glands.

I didn’t always agree with Mr Ebert, but I always, always found something of interest, and very often some common ground, on his reviews. After many years of reading his reviews, I developed a feeling for how his tastes matched mine and how they differed, and came to rely on his recommendations (so to speak). I will miss them, and his presence.

Godspeed, Mr Ebert

Read a moving In Memory at Chicago Sun Times. and for more details go to TODAY

Godspeed, Dr Quincy

25 Dec

Rest in peace, Jack Klugman

Godspeed, Sally Ride

23 Jul

Many people share my admiration for Ms Ride. Yes, the US was only two decades behind the Soviets in sending a woman to space, but when NASA finally wised up, what a woman did they chose!

Physicist. Professor. Astronaut. Woman.

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Godspeed, Whitney Houston

12 Feb

We were in the presence of greatness. Rest in peace.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson–and a substitution game

26 Jun

Much has been written about Michael Jackson’s life, death and legacy in the past year, particularly these past few days as the first anniversary of his untimely death approached. Regardless of what anyone thinks about his lifestyle, his eccentricity, his body-image and family issues, one thing is clear: his music changed the lives of generations and will live with us for a long time to come.

Rest in peace, Michael–and thank you, for the many hours of joy, past, present and future.
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Wtih gratitude: Godspeed, Ms Horne

10 May

“I’m me, and I’m like nobody else.”