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Valentine’s Day: alternative ways to celebrate

14 Feb
Sign on a background of library shelves; "Runoff rule #1: W'ere here to save voting rights...and savor the wails and lamentations of those who try to outbid us. Romancing the Vote 2022 edition. February 14th."

In this house, we 1 celebrate by reading good books, plotting how not to engage with bullshit opinions on genre romance, and by doing what we can to preserve democracy in the U.S.A.

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Romancelandia Movie Night 2022

2 Jan

You are cordially invited.

Robin quoting me: Now I'm thinking aobut Romancelandia movie nights on the 14th of every month except February. My tweet: We are always shortchanged on the groveling, methinks. Now I want movie night with Boomerang and The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Katie Dunneback: yes, please. Me: and, and, we can have watch-alongs for those who want them, and asynchronous twitter discussion afterward! Pretty pretty please! Robin: I'm not organizing this! LOL.
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Being more inclusive

8 Oct
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The Peacock Dress: a tale of white women’s privilege and tears.

24 Sep

Or what RWA’s racism and discrimination look like in another community.

White woman standing, wearing a heavily embroidered, shoulder-baring dress, with the train spread forward to her left.
Portrait of Mary Leiter, Lady Curzon, Vicereine of India, wearing the Peacock Dress and her crown, by William Logsdail.
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