IWD 2016 / 2017 / 2018

The following posts started as an ongoing thread in the Community section of MyMedia Forum.

I am always amazed by how many people there will read the things I write, and how often there will be no replies. Not one.

Perhaps it’s the nature of the beast: it’s supposed to be a fun place, not a place to think deeply about any one thing. Either way, I’ve decided to re-post each individual contribution on my blog, in case the forum goes defunct–or in case enough people complain that I’m harshing on their happy, and the thread is removed.

Feminists are not ‘man-haters.’

The quintessential Nice Guy ™

Bro code: bros before hos.

Gender (im)parity in Hollywood

The unacknowledged ‘motherhood penalty.’

Online abuse and gender: comments on The Guardian.

Eloisa James’ interview on Freedom.

Luxury tax, for being women.

Geena Davis: “If a person can do it…”

The harm in having boys books and girls books.

Women, pain, and the gender gap in healthcare.

The male gaze: how pervasive is it really?

Too many women? Not even close.

“Straight white dudes 18 to 49 are the default mode for life.”

Madonna and (man)whore.

Gender representation in the US (and, really, the world).

Misogyny, domestic violence, mass murder.

History, HERstory, our story.

Fathers, it’s high time you took some responsibility.

Conduct unbecoming?

“Smile, sweetheart.”

International Women’s Day 2017

The myth of women seeking to ruin men’s lives and careers.

Women’s History Month.

How women’s participation, and their exclusion, have impacted the country’s history.

The girl and the bull.

That didn’t take long.

Women’s pain, again.

Women have it SO good.

Child brides.

A little dog: an emblem of male fragility.

Advice to parents–from a misogynist.

“Every (fetus’) life is sacred”

Did you know..? (Women’s pain, once more)

Of course we live in a post-sexism society! Not.

Another week, another attack on bio female bodies.

“If women didn’t…”

Socializing girls to become victims.

What about the meeeeeennnnnzzzzzz????

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