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One Night of Scandal, by Elle Kennedy

8 May

One Night of Scandal CoverI am finally getting around to posting my review to the middle book in Ms Kennedy’s After Hours trilogy.

This is, by my reckoning, only the second time I post reviews of series or trilogies out of order, even though I read the books in order.¹ Since I know I was planning on reviewing all three, because I like them all, I can’t for the life of me figure out how I skipped the middle one.

At any rate, here it is.

Usual warning: this is an erotic romance, so there’s plenty of sex written graphically. The adult people depicted speak the way most adult people do–expect curses and other crude language.

One Night of Scandal, by Elle Kennedy

Even though this is the second in a trilogy, I think it can be easily read as a stand alone, as there is enough background information to bring readers up to speed, without a lot of info dumping.

The story centers around one of the three owners of Sin, a fairly popular Boston nightclub, and his crush on one the (now ex) girlfriend of one of his two closest friends. These three guys have been friends for a good long time, and all three fought successfully in the Boston MMA circuit. Long enough and successfully enough to be able to open a high scale nightclub and have it in the black within a few years of opening night.

Here’s the blurb from the author’s website:
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One Night of Trouble, by Elle Kennedy

2 Feb

One Night of TroubleOne Night of Trouble, by Elle Kennedy

This is the last of the After Hours erotic romance trilogy, published through the Entangled Brazen digital imprint.

The heroes are three friends who, after a few years fighting in the MMA circuit in Boston, pool their resources and open a nightclub.

Their personalities and skills complement each other, which helps make the club a profitable investment within its first year, and bodes very well for their future.

While we meet all three in “One Night of Sin,” it is very much Gage’s story, with most other characters in their shared world being present for only a handful of pages. And while we see a little bit more of AJ during One Night of Scandal, it is through the eyes of his best friend, Reed, and to a much lesser extent, through those of Darcy, his ex.

Therefore, what we do see of him in the first two installments is just enough to be intriguing, and since I had enjoyed both stories and Ms Kennedy’s writing voice well enough, I purchased One Night of Trouble the week it came out.

Please do keep in mind that this is an erotic romance–there’s plenty of very graphic sex and graphic language. Also, this review is a tad spoilery–my apologies.

Here’s the blurb, from the author’s website:
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“One Night of Sin” by Elle Kennedy

15 Jan

One Night of Sin“One Night of Sin” by Elle Kennedy

This is the first novella in the After Hours series. Published by MacMillan’s Entangled Brazen imprint, it’s only available digitally right now.

I got it in late August, most likely because it was on sale and both Jane at Dear Author and Kaetrin of Kaetrin’s Musings had liked it, but I think I didn’t read it until late September or early October.

Before reading those reviews, all I knew about Ms Kennedy was that she was writing an erotic romance series with Vivian Arend, but I had not read anything by her. I have realized that, particularly when it comes to erotic romance, I like reading shorter stories by new to me authors before I commit to a full-length novel, so it all worked out perfectly for me.

As I mentioned back in October, I was very happy I did. I got the second installment, One Night of Scandal, pretty much upon finishing this novella, and now I’m looking forward to reading the third story, One Night of Trouble, which just came out this week.

Usual warning: this is an erotic romance novella. Ergo, there’s both graphic sex and graphic language.

Here’s the blurb:
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