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Decisions, decisions…(aka “and then there were none.”)

5 Mar

For the first time in well over 17 years, there are no furry companions to care for in my house.

I most definitely do not like it–talk about empty nest syndrome!

When my children left for college I missed them–still do, as a matter of fact–but my pets were always there for me, cheering me up by virtue of being here and loving me back, regardless of anything else going on with my life.

Then there’s the fact that at times there were more pets than I could fit in a house this size comfortably (I’m a sucker, ask my offspring).

Warning: long, self indulgent, meandering post below the fold.

(tl;dr version: pondering whether to adopt a dog or to buy a washing machine.)

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Saying goodbye again.

27 Jan

It is with a very heavy heart that I said goodbye to another one of my beautiful and loved pets yesterday.

As my nephew was trying to pack

As my nephew was trying to pack

Candy came to live with us when she was just shy of three months old, in early November 1997. She was a small grey tabby with a large presence. The first of all our pets, she knew everyone else–humans included–were interlopers, and was never shy in letting them know when they trespassed into her personal space.

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Thank you for the love.

9 Apr

Today I had to say goodbye to Shadow, a much loved and loving friend.

~ * ~

A couple of weeks ago I noticed she was a bit thinner than usual.

Ten days ago I noticed her hair was not as shiny…and she was even thinner.

A week ago I was alarmed by how much weigh she had lost, so quickly, and how skinny she felt and looked, and after close observation for a couple of days, I realized she had stopped eating.

Today, after talking with our vet, I had to make the painful decision to put my friend to sleep.

I want to remember all the good times.
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Love is…

6 Dec

There was a spell of bad weather a couple of days ago–strong gusts of wind all day, tornado warning ’till the early hours, a weird feeling that things were not as they should be, even though no rain fell.

Shadow, having lived on her own for about a year, doesn’t like weather like this, and has an uncanny way of knowing it’s coming. She cries piteously and scurries about, seeking shelter. Alana, having never known anything but the safety of home, doesn’t understand Shadow’s fears.

But that is, in the end irrelevant, isn’t it? What matters is that Shadow is afraid and that Alana loves her.


(Apologies for the eerie flash eyes–I’m not a good photographer at the best of times, let alone coming back from a bathroom trip in the middle of the night)