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Changing direction

14 Apr

I wasn’t going to write about the issues with the mis-marketing of The Shadows, the latest in J R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Mainly because I’m grateful Ward’s decision to finally admit that she doesn’t want to write romance cemented my resolution to stop wasting time on books that, while crackalicious¹ to read, have fallen too much into hate-reading territory.

And seriously, as fragile as my reading mojo is, why should I submit myself to that?

Also, because there are plenty of other people writing about it–see Gabby’s lovely rant at BookThingo, Casee’s review at Book Binge and Tez Miller take on her blog. (Reader beware: spoilers for the novel in all three links.)

Why, then, are you reading this?

Because I realized that many unhappy readers are not aware that they can return the book, or how to go about it.

Let me go back a bit.

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Parting of the ways

9 May

A few weeks ago, Maya Banks posted about what happens when authors’ and readers’ points of view diverge—also known as, when readers break up with authors.

This is by no means a novel topic. Readers have complained about authors changing the rules of the worlds they build *coughJRWardcough* or how every successive book is the same story and the same characters as the previous dozen *coughChristine Feehancough* or feeling betrayed when the author kills a main character, well into the series *coughKarinSlaughtercough* Continue reading

It really is crack (aka, J. R. Ward’s BDB)

28 Mar

I wish I understood what exactly is it that makes this tripe so addictive.

And make no mistake, it is tripe. All the characters, regardless of their purported history, experiences, age, social milieu, habits or hobbies, speak with the same voice. They all use the same slang expressions, they are all capable of identifying designer clothing and accessories, and to calculate, on sight, how much any object or outfit cost the wearer.

Then there are the mounting inconsistencies in the world building–and let’s not even touch on the inclusion of new and even more contrived storylines (a fallen angel? werewolves? the Scribe Virgin has an actual Father?)

I have mentioned these irritants before and bemoaned the popularity of the series all over the place–so why is it that I am waiting with no little excitement for my copy of Lover Reborn to finally get here?

I am weak and in desperate need of help / Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider’s Guide, by J. R. Ward

12 Nov

See, I caved and bought the recently released J. R. Ward‘s Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider’s Guide. After going through the 467 pages, I spent some time doing the “head desk” dance.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for a US$15 sticker price, I really expected something more… different… new.

Live and learn, of course—fully 200 pages are either excerpts from the six books already out, or available through the online forums.

Out of the other 270 pages, only the first 80 are truly new reader content—a novella length add-on to Zsadist’s story. (And may I rant a bit about the lack of internal consistency in it? First we are told vampire pregnancy lasts eighteen months, then that Bella is on her ninth month, then that she has seven more months to go. Hello, math? We are told it’s been two months since the birth, then another character says it’s been three—in the same night. Huh? Yes, these things annoy me. Unreasonably so. And your point would be?)

Okay, there are also 25 pages of deleted scenes from several of the published books, ten pages of writerly advice, and (for some reason that escapes me) a copy of the original proposal for Dark Lover, first title in the series. Continue reading