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Five Books Everyone Should Read, at the Book Binge

26 Jul

The lovely ladies of The Book Binge have been running a weekly feature this year, inviting readers, bloggers, authors, and publishing professionals, to share five titles that have touched them and stayed with them throughout the years.

I was quite honored to have been invited to participate. You can find my list of recommendations here.

Thank you, Holly and Rowena!

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Heart Search, by Robin D Owens

30 Jan

Heart SearchIt’s been over five years since I wrote my review of HeartMate, the first book in the Celta series, and I wrote the review for the second novel, Heart Thief, just a year ago.

Honestly, I don’t quite know why that is, as I am still a fan of the series, as I commented in this review of Heart Fire over at The Book Binge (though admittedly not as ardent as I once was).

However, life and my reading and reviewing being what they are, it’s unlikely I’ll review all the books in the series, so I’m jumping to the most recent title I actually own.

Heart Search, by Robin D Owens

For starters, I strongly suggest that you don’t start reading the series with this book. Not so much because it’s not the best example of the series (more on this below),  but because the world building is key to character motivation and growth.

Celtan culture is complex, so if you don’t understand the cultural and political pressures the characters operate under, a lot of what they do, and most of what they feel and think, will seem contrived.

Further, and taking into account that Heart Search is the tenth title in the series,¹ the cast of characters from previous books who make an appearance–and actually have speaking parts–is fairly long. So while there is some sequel baiting, a lot of the setup for this story is rooted on events that happened some fifteen years before the book actually starts.

Here’s the dreaded back over blurb from my print copy:
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