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What a Scoundrel Wants, by Carrie Lofty

6 Dec

What a Scoundrel Wants, by Carrie Lofty.

Unusual Historicals, a subgenre of historical romance tackling seldom explored settings or historical periods, are Ms Lofty’s passion, and she delivers a great example of what can be done with them in her print debut, What a Scoundrel Wants. Set in the England of Robin Hood and Richard Lionheart, it tells the story of Will Scarlett and Meg of Keyworth.

Right off the bat, we are faced with unusual choices for our main characters. Will Scarlett has been a truant, a ne’er-do-well, a troubadour, an outlaw, a traitor. So far, he has never been a hero. And a female alchemist who is also blind—in the late twelfth century? Talk about daring choices!

The good news is that Ms Lofty definitely pulls this off. Here’s the (much hated and misleading) back cover blurb: Continue reading

Interviewing Carrie Lofty

1 Dec

Let’s welcome author Carrie Lofty to KKB! Carrie has agreed to let me grill her a bit 😀 before her historical romance officially hits the stands tomorrow, so let’s get right down to it!

Your debut full length novel, What a Scoundrel Wants, is released tomorrow, December 2nd by Kensington, with Scoundrel’s Kiss slated for release in late 2009. These are both historical romances set in rather unusual time periods—in the Middle Ages, one in England and the other in Spain. Your previously published short story “Through the Garden Gate”, is a time travel romance set in Sorrento, Italy in 1958.

And my first manuscript, Serenade, which will be available as a free serial beginning in January, was set in 1804 Salzburg. Guilty on all counts, I’m afraid. Would you believe I started out with more conventional fare as a grad student of history? My master’s thesis was on the American outlaws Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok. But perhaps studying the Old West for a decade made me eager to seek out new places once I left academia.

Why choosing unusual time periods or settings for historical novels? What about these two periods intrigues you? Or is it simply the challenge of going off the beaten path and trailblazing in a market that has, for the past couple of decades, seemed to narrow more and more? Continue reading