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Famous! (obviously, not quite…)

22 Jan

(Still, there was a quote and a link and stuff.)

Last week that was much debate (much, seriously much) debate in Etsy’s business forum about SOPA, PIPA, individual vs community interest, etc. Given I was off work and offline (most of my usual online haunts went black, after all–go, all of you wonderful people!), I joined the conversation (here) and then spent much more time than what was reasonable in a couple of threads.

Lauren Orsini wrote a short piece for the Daily Dot Continue reading

Seriously: don’t break the internet.

18 Jan

Don’t break the internet

17 Jan

If you are interested in learning more, visit CopyBlogger for a very easy to understand summary. If you are an Etsy seller, check out how SOPA/PIPA could affect you–whether or not you personally infringe anyone’s copyright.