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Out of Nowhere, by Felicia Davin

22 Jun
Cover or Out of Nowhere; the background is a photograph of space, showing a star breaking the horizon of a planet, with space matter around. The foreground is the silhouette of a man composed of starlit sky.

The second book in the Nowhere trilogy, Out of Nowhere ratchets up the tension from Edge of Nowhere. I confess, I stalled somewhere around the halfway mark, not opening the book again for weeks. Eventually, trusting the author to fulfill the promise of a happy ending that’s the immutable part of genre romance got me over the emotional block.

Reader, beware: some sex on the page between two adult men, swearing, trauma from childhood and from recent forced experimentation, including starvation, and a bit of violence. The author has a very comprehensive list of warning and tags here, below the blurb.

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Romancing the Duke, by Tessa Dare

18 Feb
Cover for Romancing the Duke; white woman with black hair in an updo, wearing red gown with a deep neckline. Some stone walls and crenelations in the background.

Anther review, another historical romance; this time, the first title in the Castles Ever After series. 1 (Also, apparently my first review of a Tessa Dare book, which I find baffling.)

Reader beware: parents neglecting, using, and abusing their children; graphic sex on page, and the looming threat of declaring a character insane and committing them to an asylum.

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The Last Wolf, by Maria Vale

16 Feb
Cover or The Last Wolf; the face of a wolf, yellow eyes watching out the cover, superimposed over the bare torso of a man, his head bowed.

I’m trying to do SuperWendy’s TBR Challenge this year, and the theme this month is ‘fairy tales’. What could be easier, right? Genre romance is chock-full of Beauty and the Beast retellings 1 , to say nothing of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and all the rest.

Of course, as I scrolled through my digital TBR shelves and scanned the print TBR cordillera of Doom, not one title jumped out and yelled, “me, me! I’m an obvious fairy tale retelling”. 2

Which is why I have decided that wolf shifters in the woods totally works. (Because Red Riding Hood. Work with me here, people.)

Reader beware: abusive parent, graphic violence, graphic language, sex on page, maternal death, stillbirth. Narrated in first person present tense.

Also, I go on a bit of a rant.

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The Matrimonial Advertisement, by Mimi Matthews

7 Feb
Cover for The Matrimonial Advertisement; on a grey brocade wallpaper, an oval frame of the same color. The painting shows a woman's upper back and head, hair in a complex bun, looking out at a background of mountains and sea.

My second book by Ms Matthews, and the first in a four book series, the Parish Orphans of Devon; this is another Victorian era-set romance with some kisses, lovely sexual tension, and great writing.

However, reader beware: there are some description of the abuse-cum-torture, inflicted on people in private ‘mental asylums’, during the Victorian era in Britain; and some description of the torture of a white man by Indian sepuys during the Indian rebellion of 1857.

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