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Feminism: this is why it is not just needed, but essential

5 Feb

Generally speaking, I don’t watch sports. Particularly speaking, considering what has come out in recent years about NFL’s players behaviour toward women, I don’t watch football at all.

I do tend to watch the Super Bowl ads online (awwwww, Budweiser ads).

This year, this ad stopped me cold:

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Yes, I’m this shallow (baby Clydesdale ad)

4 Feb

I don’t have a working tv or cable or any sort of paid subscription. What I watch must be legally available free. So no one is surprised I didn’t watch the Superbowl. However, I always like reading the discussions on the commercials and then watching the relevant bits on youtube. This year’s winner at chez aztec:

As I said over at Wendy’s, baby horse and cute guy = all win.

(and the music choice is perfect, just perfect)


edited to the extended version 😀