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In Too Deep anthology (Brenda Jackson and Olivia Gates)

17 Aug
Cover for In Too Deep: A long chaise by the side of a pool at dusk; there's a red bikini top hanging precariously from the top of the backrest, a side table with half-full wineglasses, and some lit candles by the side

This month’s TBR Challenge theme is Blue Collar, but I’m throwing in the towel entirely when it comes to the theme. On the other hand, this has been sitting in my TBR print shelves over a dozen years, so at least that part of the challenge is working.

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The Pregnant Heiress, by Eileen Wilks

23 Jan

The Pregnant HeiressThe Pregnant Heiress, by Eileen Wilks

I don’t know how long I’ve had this book in the TBR mountain range, but I believe it’s probably a few years.

I became aware of Ms Wilks’ category titles back in 2008, and even though I knew even then that she also writes Urban Fantasy (hell, I probably own at least one of these books), I haven’t read a lot of her stuff.

At any rate, I was looking for shorter stories to read this month for SLWendy’s TBR challenge, and happened to see this book on the shelf.

I didn’t like it as much as two other categories I read this month, though, which is why this review is coming to you later in the week.

The Pregnant Heiress is the second book in The Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Heirs continuity. (Amazing fact: the entire Fortune’s Children series, with all related sub series and offshoots, was published during a period of almost exactly ten years—we are talking 69 books!)

Ms Wilks handles well all the limitations of category length plus continuity requirements–a number of characters from other books, both previous and future, must appear, and at least a few clues for future events must be included in this installment.

Still, this story suffers from those constraints, notably in the category shorthand that stands in for a lot of the characterization and most of the plot.

Warning: there’s mention of past physical violence towards the heroine, though not rape.

Here’s the (gah) blurb from my print copy:
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Entangled, by Eileen Wilks

9 Oct

Nota bene: for someone who generally doesn’t like continuities, I sure have been reading a goodly amount of novels which are part of them lately, haven’t I?

Entangled, by Eileen Wilks

First title in the twelve title continuity Dynasties: The Ashtons, published by the Desire line of Harlequin/Silhouette in 2005. Set in California’s Napa Valley, each title tells the story of a different member of Spencer Ashton’s far flung family, exposing his lies, his selfishness, and bringing home the true meaning of family.

Entangled both tells the story of Cole Ashton and Dixie McCord, and sets the stage for the series’ overarching plot. It also introduces several characters whose stories are told later in other installments, by other authors. (The complete list of titles and authors is available here)

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Just a Taste, by Bronwyn Jameson

9 Oct

Just a Taste, by Bronwyn Jameson

Just a Taste is the fourth installment in the Dynasties: The Ashtons continuity. This is my second novel by Ms Jameson (here’s my review of the first one). I enjoy her characterizations, only wish she would write longer novels *hint hint*

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