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White supremacy, the 2nd Amendment, complicity of the press.

16 May

I was going to post a movie review today.

Then there were two racist mass shootings over the weekend, and there was just no space in my head to watch and livetweet a romance.

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Cops in the romance genre

18 Aug

It has been discussed elsewhere, several times, by people from different backgrounds, but it bears bringing up again.

In many romance books, even in those where a cop is not one of the protagonists, or even a secondary character with a speaking part, law enforcement officials tend to be romanticized. We tend to see them as noble human beings who do what they do out of a desire to serve their fellow human beings.

Oh yes, we occasionally have the corrupt cop character; or we may have the corrupt police department changed from the inside by our hero or heroine, or brought down by bringing in outside attention from higher up the (police) food chain.

Note: here you can change corrupt to homophobic, antisemitic, racist, prejudiced, etc. and the premise holds.

The message, which is drummed into us not just by romance novels but by the media in general is that cops are, by and large, the good guys.

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