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I truly am an awful person

2 Sep

(not that there was any great doubt, mind you)

I was reading CraftGossip, as I tend to do, scrolling part articles, looking for something interesting to make (or at least to read about), when this bit caught my eye: about 30 women, members of the Women’s Institute somewhere in Britain, spent a full year knitting “a village” (miniature people houses, church, farm–the works).

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What’s the point then?

9 Jan

I really enjoy scrolling down CraftGossip‘s blog. It’s usually a treasure trove of links to interesting tutorials and/or true works of art that start as crafts (such as this).

I like it enough to have the little widget thingie on the sidebar over there–>

I don’t click on every link they feature, but when I do, it annoys me a little to find that it’s to yet another compilation blog. How hard is it to follow the link trail and link to the originator of the work? I asked this, more or less, and got this response:
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