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Criminal Minds marathon–seasons 3 through 7

14 Oct

Most people reading this blog have probably seen at least a couple of seasons of Criminal Minds, but in case you just happened to wander in without previous knowledge and would like to retain your innocence, beware: what follows is chock-full of spoilers not just for the specific seasons in the title, but for the series as a whole.

Also, most of the show is pretty graphic and most of the victims of the violence are women. Just as it happens in real life.

Read on at your own risk.

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Criminal Minds

18 Oct

A very long time ago–I must have been eleven or perhaps twelve years old–my siblings and I used to visit my father oh, once or perhaps twice a month. Such visits often involved very little time spent actually with him, and a lot of time finding something to read to be quiet and let him nap.¹ The good news is that there was always something to read, and that all five of us are voracious readers.

One on such occasion, I found the book An Autumn of Terror: The Crimes and Times of Jack the Ripper.² Published in 1965, it is quite outdated in its methods of study, and yet, both at the time it was published and when I read it, it was pretty much cutting edge in how it looked at the evidence and the inferences it made from it.

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