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Something different: true crime podcasts

15 Jul

When I was a wee lass (just shy of turning nine), an older cousin started lending me all of her Agatha Christie novels, one by one.¹ I was already a reader, but this is what made me a fan of mystery. A couple of years later, when she moved away, she gifted me with the books, cementing my love affair with fictional sleuths.

It was perhaps two years after I started reading mystery, that I found my first true crime non-fiction book, An Autumn of Terror: The Crimes and Times of Jack the Ripper, at my father’s house.²

I’ve been interested in real crime, mostly cold cases (both solved and not) since, so when I ‘discovered’ the plethora of real crime podcasts available today, I started listening to a number of them.

Through trial and error, I’ve found a few that I really enjoy, and others that, frankly, annoy the bejesus out of me.

Content warning: I go into some detail about some gruesome stuff below the fold, including crimes against children.

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