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Trade Me, by Courtney Milan

26 Jan

Trade meLast week I posted a note to remind everyone about the release of Trade Me.

This is the actual review.

Trade Me, by Courtney Milan

In case you missed it: this is a contemporary new adult novel, told in present tense first person, with alternating points of view from both main characters.

Trade Me is also the first of at least three, but perhaps–please, please, please!–five novels written around Cyclone Systems, a made up, and massive, technology company that sits quite near the top of that food chain. The books, though, are about people.

Considering how incredibly picky I am about first person narrative and young protagonists, this should not have event tempted me, let alone worked for me.

But a) this is Courtney Milan and so far everything she writes works for me on one level or another, and b) holy shit, these two kids grabbed me by the throat so quickly and just would not let me go.

Warning: there may be is gushing ahead. Also, please note that I got this book as an ARC, though I’ve never been asked to write anything but my honest opinion.

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