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My Way to Hell, by Dakota Cassidy

15 Jul
(Originally published at RR@H Novel Thoughts)

My Way to Hell, by Dakota Cassidy

The second title in Ms Cassidy’s hilarious Demonic romances, My Way to Hell follows former demon-turned quasi ghost Marcella Acosta as she butts heads with Kellen Markham, bane of her previous existence and brother of her best friend ever.

Readers should be aware that there’s quite a bit of cussing in the novel, and that the Lord’s name is used in vain—rather frequently and in pretty creative ways—throughout. There is also a bit of graphic sex (well into the novel, I may add—like, two thirds or more of the way in), so anyone with objections to either of these, should avoid reading this book.

Also, while there is a tiny bit of info dumping in the first couple of chapters, quite likely to bring new readers up to speed on the events of Kiss and Hell (review here), and to introduce both the cast of characters and the dynamics of Ms Cassidy’s unique take on the supernatural, I definitely recommend reading the series in order. Honestly, these are characters that no amount of info-dumping would prepare you for: you need to get to know them little by little.

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Kiss and Hell, by Dakota Cassidy

30 May

Kiss & Hell, by Dakota Cassidy

A paranormal romantic comedy with heart is probably the easiest way to describe Ms Cassidy’s Kiss & Hell. The problem is that such a label doesn’t come even close to doing it justice. There are some deeper threads mixed in with the laughter, but there isn’t any overt preaching because none of the characters take themselves terribly seriously.

There is some graphic language and a couple of rather explicit sex scenes in the novel, but the real warning is for people who can’t take their religion with a sense of humor-the language in the narrative is highly irreverent, but definitely not with the intent to offend.

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