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Bride by Mistake, by Anne Gracie

2 Oct

(Previously published at Book Thingo on September 18th, 2013. This all started when Kat put out a call for readers to review this years R*BY finalists for the blog. I eagerly accepted and she provided a copy for review. Below is a slightly different version of the review, edited to fit my own style.)

Bride by Mistake, by Anne Gracie.Bride by Mistake

This was a difficult review to write for a number of reasons, so please bear with me.

Ms Gracie’s writing is always beautiful and engaging, and I had liked both The Perfect Rake and The Perfect Waltz so very much, that I was eager to read and review this book. Sadly, this novel is both a road romance and a trip down memory lane—and not always in a good way—and it didn’t work for me very much.

Our protagonists are the feisty Isabella and the gallant Luke (and I’m using these two words advisedly), who meet in Spain during the Peninsular Wars. He was not yet twenty at the time, she barely thirteen, and he rescues her from “a fate worse than death,” delivering her safely to the convent where her aunt lives, and where Isabella will presumably be safe, both from the war and from her evil cousin, Ramón.

Here be ye olde back cover blurb:
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