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What we (hopefully) learned this week (and a few rambling thoughts)

23 Oct

From the “Readers have copyright rights too” conversation over at Dear Author, I hope that we have all learned to think before posting, commenting or tweeting.

It has been said, ad nauseam, that all people should think before putting their thoughts up there in the internets for everyone, their pet parrot and their alien relatives to see. After all, it’s there forever, in one way or another (from Google cache to screen caps).

It has been noted that we eeeeeeeeeeeeeebol readers keep lists of authors behaving badly, and that we are not shy to share those lists with other readers whenever flaps like this latest break out. Continue reading

Drive by quandary

10 Sep

In light of Quartet Press closing before opening, and among the wank already started and the much more to come, it strikes me (again) to see all those comments that boil down to, “Never submit to a new publisher.”

While I understand being cautious, there are two things that bug the hell out of me whenever I read that:

a) New publishers aren’t, by a long sight, the only ones screwing up their authors–and editors–all over the place *coughnewconceptscough*


b) If no one submits to a new publisher, how the fuck is that publisher ever going to have anything to publish?

I mean, I know I’m not the only one who wants more reputable choices in the marketplace, so this whole “smart people don’t submit to new pubs until they’ve proven themselves” seems… well, self-defeating. After all, no submissions, no published books, no profit, no publisher.

RWA and the print vs e publisher question (sorta)

21 Jun

Like many readers who spend time around romance blogs (readers’ or authors’) I have been an interested observer of the continuing train wreck that is RWA’s stance on e publishers.

Leaving aside the often condescending (if not outright distasteful) attitude that seem to drip off some of RWA’s board members’ communications with the general membership *coughDianePershingcough* here is some of the stuff I don’t get. If I understand correctly, the raison d’être for RWA is to educate its members, giving them the information they need to make intelligent choices about everything from choosing an agent to reading a contract, in order to have fulfilling careers as writers of romance novels.

Nowhere did I find (but then I don’t know the secret handshake, so it may be in the “members only” part of the site) the place where it says,

“and the board gets to decide a) what exactly constitutes romance, and b) what constitutes a career”

(Neither did I see where it says that advocacy means treating members like children who need to be protected)

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