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The dreaded “can’t read it” plot device (or, me too!)

5 Oct

Stop sign - in the name of loveI have seen, here and there throughout the blogosphere, posts about this or that particular plot device or trope that hit on the reader’s hot button and translate into a ‘did not finish.’

While intellectually I could understand the concept, it hadn’t really happened to me (aside from skipping a few passages from Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth), most of the time I just shrug and keep going.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I reached for an old (copyright says 1996) Harlequin Superromance by Kathryn Shay, titled Suitable Bodyguard. Though I know quite well just how unreliable back cover blurbs usually are, this one sounded good enough (neither same old, same old, nor outrageous beyond belief), so I sat down to enjoy myself for a couple of hours:
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A rant, not a review: rape in a romance story

14 Jun

I am serious, this is not a review. This rant originated while I was reading Maggie Shayne’s “Animal Magnetism” (originally in the Wild Thing anthology)

Bare bones set up: there’s a serial rapist about and no clues. The bastard wears a mask of some sort, beats his victims to within an inch of their lives, then rapes them and leaves. During one such attack, he shoots the victim’s dog. When the cops arrive, one of them takes the wounded Lab to the nearest vet… who happens to have a psychic ability that allows her to communicate with animals. Events unfold from there.

So far, so good, right? But then I got blindsided.

[reader beware: there be possible spoilers ahead]

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