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The other side of the coin

11 Oct

So yesterday I was seeing red, I was so angry.

This morning I feel better about humanity–because there are some girls and women who are not taking that shit laying down.

You’ve probably already seen this, but if you haven’t, behold McKenna Peterson’s letter to her local sport goods store about the careless, pervasive misogyny displayed in their latest catalog:

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Karma, my ass (very angry rant)

10 Oct

I am seeing red as I type, and I don’t foresee that my state of mind will change any time soon, so you are welcome to ignore this post.

Warning: repeated cursing ahead.

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Talk to your sons, your husbands, your brothers, your fathers…

22 Sep

…but especially, talk to your sons.

When they are still young and flexible enough to appreciate that there is no reason why girls and women should be treated differently than they themselves are treated.

When they are still young enough to understand that they themselves shouldn’t be expected or forced to conform to a stereotype of behaviour that stifles who they are and what they feel.

When they can still learn that there are no gray areas when it comes to assault, violence, degradation of other human beings, based on whether those other human beings have or have not dangly bits, or whether those other human beings declare themselves to be straight, gay, or anything in between or outside of those two.
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Marvel One Shot

3 Feb

Even though I haven’t watched all the movies, and I’m not even a particular fan of the characters or the comics, I enjoy these little shorts put out by Marvel every so often.

Today, when the pain in my cracked tooth is such that I’ve been fighting tears for a few hours, had to duck out of work six hours early (my check is going to suck so bad), and have no patience for anything, this particular one lifted my spirits enough that I laughed out loud. (Of course I winced and moaned immediately after–gah, toothache is worse than the pain of labor, there’s no pause in between and no expectation of a happy event.)

Pain makes me catty(er than usual)

30 Jan

I have a number of crowns, some of them pretty damned old, along the left upper side of my mouth, and I have managed to avoid the need for a root canal on any of them.

Up to now.

I’m pretty sure that one of the crowns cracked somewhere, all the way through what’s left of the root of that molar, and the pain has been non-stop for a couple of days.

It’s so fucking bad I could cry, and would if I thought that would do anything to diminish the pain.

I don’t know how I had managed to forget just how hideous toothache is.

~ * ~

In a forum I belong to, a guy recommended a book most enthusiastically: “It’s so good I couldn’t put it down, I read it in three days!”

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Extremely disappointed–and more than a tad angry.

12 Dec

I am very vocal about my support of Equality Now. As long as women are not viewed as equal in all ways to men, everywhere in the world, Humanity will continue its ever faster descent into chaos.

As I admire Joss Whedon a great deal, I was absolutely delighted when they recognized his contributions to gender equality–and was very sad to learn, just recently, that he actually fired Charisma Carpenter from Angel because she got pregnant¹. Yes, it didn’t fit in his plans for the show, but seriously? fired her?

Total what the fuck, right?

The knowledge will taint my enjoyment of anything Whedon from now on–more’s the pity.

My current disappointment with the organization as a whole  is much deeper. A helluva lot deeper, in fact.

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This, most absolutely, this!

6 Jun

I found this comment by Elizabeth Moon to Ann Aguirre’s post on the SFWA sexism bullshit to be amazing and so on the spot:

I take mild issue with “SFWA is the original old boys club.” No. EVERYTHING but childbearing, childrearing, elementary level teaching, and nursing used to be the original old boys’ club. The military, law, medicine, accounting, finance, engineering, sciences, even (in some countries even now) all education.

Sexism isn’t an SF/F problem. It’s an international, worldwide, all cultures, all religions, all social classes, all occupations problem…for every girl and woman on the planet. Those in privileged positions who think they don’t have a problem…just never tested the glass ceiling or walls within which they’re comfortable.

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