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Celebrating Independence Day: exercise your right to vote.

4 Jul

(Originally posted to MyPolitics)

If you belong to ANY minority, meaning:

  • You are female, no matter your race, ethnicity, or religion.
  • If you are transgender, queer, questioning, lesbian, gay.
  • If you are not Protestant (preferably from a traditionally white denomination), meaning if you are Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Wicca, Sikh, atheist, or, really, anything else.
  • If you are a person of color, regardless of geographic origin–Latino, African, Asian.

If you are in any way different from the white, cis, hetero Protestant ‘majority,’ think long and hard about voting for any conservative party or candidate.

The powerful are always resistant to treat anyone else as equals.
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“Straight white dudes 18 to 49 are the default mode for life”

22 Jun

Originally posted to the Community section at MyMedia

As I’ve said before in this thread, I am a genre romance reader.

For many years, this was not something I said out loud–and to this day, when people become aware of this, the response is a smirking, condescending smile, often followed by a variant of “aren’t you smarter than that? why do you waste your time on that trash? oh, you like mommy/soft porn?”

I am more than a bit tired of that bullshit. It says a lot more about my interlocutor in those exchanges, than about me, frankly. So, online or IRL, my response tends to be the equivalent of a blank stare; I’m done defending my reading choices, and genre romance brings in enough money that it should need no defense.

One would think…

At any rate, that’s a rant for another day.

Today’s rant is brought to you courtesy of yet another intersection of various interests.

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Too many women? Not even close.

17 Jun

Originally posted to the Community section of MyMedia

A while back there was some discussion on the lit general discussion forum about whether or not women (and not-straight, not-white people) were fairly represented in literature, specifically science fiction.

Some of the responses were, “well, women have won these many awards in the past decade, so yeah, they are more than fairly represented.” I am not convinced, and I certainly hope that someone with more energy and time than me will go to the trouble of finding the truth, backed up by actual numbers, soon.

In the meantime, I continue to hear that women are now ‘over-represented’ all over the place. For example…
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The male gaze: how pervasive is it really?

15 Jun

Originally posted to the Community section at MyMedia

Once again, my interests intersect.

Let’s look at this short paragraph, parse it a bit, and see whether those reading can guess what type of book it comes from:

Every person in the room—from the preppy-looking thirty-something-year-old with spiked hair, taking notes in Chinese, and the young blonde with the tight blouse and the too-short skirt, to the jogger in baggy running shorts and damp T-shirt, and the rheumy-eyed octogenarian with herringbone coat stained by decades of chalk dust—knew that they were potentially witnessing a monumental milestone in a three-thousand-year-old legacy.

First off, can we guess the gender of any of the people mentioned? Considering the descriptions, I’m going to say that three are male, and there’s one female.

Easy, right? The female is wearing a tight blouse and a too-short skirt–because of course the only female mentioned must be objectified and judged, and sexualized.

Anyone willing to guess what type of writing requires the use of such a sexist stereotype to make its point?
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