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A loving god

30 Oct

(I would advise any religious/devout readers to skip this one)

Today, as I was driving home from work, letting the mind wander while waiting for the traffic light to change, I noticed something about the car tags in this here hellhole that I hadn’t noticed before. You have the state in smallish letters, the the tag number in LARGE letters, then you have…”IN GOD WE TRUST” in smaller capital letters.

And I realized why I don’t.

Trust in god, that is.

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On actually using your brain for thinking.

13 Dec

In view of the many moronic things being said all over the media–both by people like Donald “I’m an lying, racist, bigotted asshole” Trump, and the “let’s go back to the times of the wild, wild frontier, and carry guns everywhere” sheriffs, universities, et al¹–it’s incredibly refreshing to see a young man, who actually would have cause to be bitterly biased against an entire group of people, stop to think, and then speak out.

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It should not be debatable: please, vaccinate your children.

10 Feb

Yesterday yet another (poorly formatted) piece ‘debunking’ a number of vaccine myths was posted to nbcnews. With such help, no wonder so much bullshit about the reality and impact of vaccination or lack thereof continues to spread online.

And yet, I can’t help being appalled that there are still people who, with a straight face, argue about the science behind vaccination. It seems to me that there is reckless disregard for the health and general well being of other people, when families can decide not to provide their children with all the protection that scientific and technological advances have made so readily available.

Because those non-vaccinated children do not live out their lives in a vacuum.

They go to school. They go to the park. To after school activities. To the mall and the grocery store.

If one of those children contracts measles or other easily preventable disease, he or she may come in contact, during the incubation period and before symptoms manifest, with children or adults with suppressed immune systems for whom those diseases may well be fatal.

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Suicide Hotlines – via Banksy

24 Jan

(Posting because I don’t tweet)

Suicide hotlines

Edited to add: if you know that any of the above numbers is wrong, please comment with the correct number and I’ll add it to the body of the post. Thank you.