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The harm in having boys books and girls books

20 May

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Note: added commentary for the blog at the end

On twitter, I’ve seen some discussion of how often female characters are absurdly sexualized and objectified, particularly when done by male writers. (Pro tip: women rarely think about their breasts, though we often think–and not fondly–about how badly designed the bra we are forced to wear for oh, about 14-18 hours a day, is.)

On the other hand, there is a disturbing (when you think about it) to other-ize the experiences of women and young girls. So I’m just putting this one here:

Boys Books, Girls Books and Missing out on Anne Frank

“(…)over a decade later, I remember our teacher explaining why we were reading the play instead of the original source.

Our teacher said reading about Anne Frank’s feelings in the diary made boys in past classes feel uncomfortable. The play provided distance from the interiority revealed in the diary. This made the play more appropriate”

Where “more appropriate” means, “it doesn’t have the girl cooties.” Because dog forbid boys are made uncomfortable. Continue reading

Geena Davis: “If a person can do it…”

16 May

(Originally posted to the Community section at MyMedia)

Elsewhere in the forum, I have posted Emma Watson’s speech at the UN, to kick off the HeforShe campaign which, surprise!, asks men to participate in the movement to treat women as equal human beings as themselves.

Today, I want to share this interview/conversation between Emma Watson and Geena Davis, about the later’s work on gender imbalance in media:
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Luxury tax, for being women.

7 May

(Originally posted to the Community section of MyMedia)

Women in several states in these USofA have to pay luxury taxes for items that do not meet the criteria for luxury. Things like tampons and sanitary pads are, for the immense majority of women, necessary–nay, indispensable–for at least a few days every month. Every month, for decades.

Women, particularly working women at every level, cannot say, ‘hey, I don’t need tampons/pads this month, I’ll just put that money towards paying a debt, or in savings instead.’

And not only are the blasted things expensive to begin with, then to get hit with the luxury tax? Makes the blood boil.

Which is why this article made my evening:
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Feminists are not “man-haters”

23 Mar

(Originally posted to the Community section of MyMedia)

Those who know me, know I’m a feminist–in the purest sense of the word: I want women not to be second class human beings.

I hope that, one day, the world will not need to make a special effort to celebrate entire swaths of the planet’s population; that we won’t need a Black History Month, or an Equality Now campaign; that having the first female president at an Ivy League University, or the first person of color in high office, will not be something we remember, and remark, and point to; because people of all types, and colors, and from all points of the gender spectrum, will have equal opportunities in reality and not just in paper.

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is Pledge for Parity.

I hope to come back to this thread and post links and quotes from articles and posts that highlight why feminism–the fight for equality across humanity–is still very much necessary.

Today, I leave you with this one.
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Nothing to see here…except deeply ingrained sexism

23 May

I came across this a few days ago, and I was thinking about what about the editor’s apology bothered me so:

“I want to sincerely apologize for the distress the report caused the authors, and to make clear that we completely oppose the sentiments it expressed,” Pattinson wrote. “The report contained objectionable language, and the authors were understandably upset.”

And then it hit me.

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Feminism: this is why it is not just needed, but essential

5 Feb

Generally speaking, I don’t watch sports. Particularly speaking, considering what has come out in recent years about NFL’s players behaviour toward women, I don’t watch football at all.

I do tend to watch the Super Bowl ads online (awwwww, Budweiser ads).

This year, this ad stopped me cold:

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Why is it so hard to admit that misogyny actually kills people?

27 May

Updated 06/07/17: I have become aware that Ms Green is not only transphobic, but that she is currently dating a white supremacists/Nazi wannabe/’alt-right’ guy. So, while there is a lot of good information and sex positivity in her channel for cisgender individuals, her online presence as a whole, and her current behaviour, speak of deeply held prejudices. “Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres” (you can tell who people are, by the company they keep), after all. If you are gender fluid, you probably will want to avoid watching.

This is the question that Laci Green asks at the end of this video:

DISCLAIMER: NSFW, mostly for language, but it also may be offensive for those people who feel sorry for a mass murderer and advise women to be less stuck up–aka, exercise their right to say “no, I won’t date/fuck you”



Why is it so hard to admit that misogyny actually kills people?

Because we–all of us, women included–would have to accept our own responsibility for the rampant misogyny in western culture. How we react to the behaviour and comments of the men in our own lives–friends, relatives, children. Or, more to the point, how we fail to react, never pointing out to them, and to those watching, that their comments and behaviours are misogynistic, offensive and unacceptable.