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On feminism: awesome video

24 Apr

Mostly because of language, this may not be safe for work for some, particularly those employed by conservative outfits.

I disagree with one, perhaps two of the reasons Ms Green gives for her being a feminist, but on the whole, this is a most excellent list, and I love this comment:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video because it points out one of the most infuriating misconceptions to people outside academia:

Feminism wants to deconstruct all gender double standards. This serves to benefit men as well. Conscription? Feminism has an issue with that. Comparatively harsh prison sentences? Feminism has an issue with that. Custody bias? Teaching men not to feel or express emotions? Emphasis on bulking up?

You guessed it: we have problems with those.


This, most absolutely, this!

6 Jun

I found this comment by Elizabeth Moon to Ann Aguirre’s post on the SFWA sexism bullshit to be amazing and so on the spot:

I take mild issue with “SFWA is the original old boys club.” No. EVERYTHING but childbearing, childrearing, elementary level teaching, and nursing used to be the original old boys’ club. The military, law, medicine, accounting, finance, engineering, sciences, even (in some countries even now) all education.

Sexism isn’t an SF/F problem. It’s an international, worldwide, all cultures, all religions, all social classes, all occupations problem…for every girl and woman on the planet. Those in privileged positions who think they don’t have a problem…just never tested the glass ceiling or walls within which they’re comfortable.

Go, read the full comment.

To be “the first”–to stand up and to stay up.

3 Jun

The original draft for this post dates from July 2012, after Sally Ride died, and some retrogrades started bleating and crying. The final impetus to publish it came from reading Foz Meadows inspired and profane rant, and Ann Aguirre’s powerful post,  both of which were born of the appalling sexism demonstrated in the last issue of the SFWA’s quarterly bulletin (link to scanned article over at Radish Reviews, scroll down).

I am angry at the blatant sexism and misogyny and stupidity displayed by the assholes–but I’m also more than a little dismayed by all the comments stating surprise. “I can’t believe this is still happening!”


Have you not read the news lately? glanced at the covers of magazines? the posters for movies? talked to people anywhere?

Misogyny is alive, well, and utterly pervasive–it truly is everyfuckingwhere.

It’s so easy to say, Oh it’s just those old white farts in (fill in community of choice).

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