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Firefly, crowdfunding, the power of nostalgia, and quiet panic.

15 Mar

First, the panic. I have not found anything to read that matches (even folding, twisting, or pulling inside out) the theme of this month’s TBR Challenge. Oh I’m sure on Wednesday evening I’ll find a dozen books that fit, but right now? Not. A. One.

Shoot me now.

Of course, while panicking, the best course of action is to procrastinate. And what better way to do it than to watch an old TV show favorite?

I actually watched most of Firefly as it aired originally, and cried foul (for years) at FOX for its untimely cancellation. *dusts browncoat off* Yes, those dartardly stupid FOX executives.

I hope that the remake craze never touches Firefly, but I feel confident that if it does, a rain of pestilence will kill the project before it comes to disgusting, foul, unbearable reality.

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