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Twitter has suspended my account

10 Oct

Someone saw fit to report a tweet, in a reply to both Robin Bradford (@Tuphlos) and Suzanne Brockmann (@SuzBrockmann) about Mike the slimy lying shit-sack Pence, that I was *threatening* and *harassing* someone, so twitter ‘safety’ suspended my account.

Here’s the ‘offending’ tweet:

I was given the option to have a temporary suspension *if* I deleted the tweet, or start an appeal process with twitter.. Meaning, I would be *punished* either way.

So I sent an appeal request, as follows:

Unfortunately, this means that I cannot let anyone at #TeamHydr8 what happened (or remind them to drink more water and take care of themselves) for however long Twitter ‘safety’ takes to read my appeal, if they even do.

Fuck you, fragile anonymous asshole who reported that tweet as harassment and incitement. May your boy Pence rot in hell right alongside you.

UPDATE (1 hour after appeal):

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