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Striped fuzzy scarf for Ann (July 2009)

13 Jan

Extreme close up - blue and white striped fuzzy scarf
Back in late April 2009, author Ann Aguirre spend a couple of days over chez aztec while attending the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando. By then we had already been friendly online for over a year, and I was officially her virtual assistance, so meeting in person was most excellent and oh so much fun!

Fast forward a couple of months. During a chat with Ann she mentioned that no one had ever made her something, from scratch, just for her. Obviously, I jumped on the chance to do something tangible, just for her, to thank her for her many and varied kindnesses toward me.

(Beware: another image-heavy post, though less so than the previous one)

Ann told me that she likes stripes and the colors blue and white, so Continue reading