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To even the scales (GoFundMe) (tangential to EC v DA)

7 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorMost of you know that SBSarah and Jane chose to use crowdfunding service GoFundMe to raise funds for the Dear Author/Jane Litte legal defense because it provides a relatively easy mechanism for refunds.

Jane, who is already bearing all the stress of the vexatious defamation lawsuit Ellora’s Cave filed against her late last month, decided to use up to $20,000 of her own money before even dipping into the fund (please note: many of us don’t want a refund, we want Jane to use the funds raised before she touches any of her own money).

Anyway, I know many of us rushed to donate without even registering what service was used–the issue of free speech and silencing people whose own livelihood is at stake too important to delay. Soon, though, the issues with GoFundMe were raised–for example, by Sonomalass at her blog and by Ridley, here:

A reminder that GoFundMe profits off the murders of black men and boys and helps their murderers escape prison time. Also, GoFundMe is not “neutral.” You can use their platform to help someone get away with murder, but you can’t use it to fund an abortion.

These concerns moved both SBSarah and Jane to come up with alternative means to donate–see at the bottom here.

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Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author – another way to help

3 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorUpdate at the bottom: alternative ways to contribute to Dear Author/Jane Litte’s defense. Also, still updating the humongous list of links.

When Jane Litte announced that she had been sued by Ellora’s Cave, many of us came out of the woodwork, offering to help her financially. For the past five days, nothing about a fund was said, until today.

After all, etaining First Amendment badass Marc Randazza ain’t cheap–it’s an excellent notion, but not cheap–and so her friends have prevailed.

The Dear Author/Jane Litte defense fund has been created by Sarah of the ever Smart Bitches through GoFundMe. From the fund’s front page (emphasis mine):
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