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White supremacy, the 2nd Amendment, complicity of the press.

16 May

I was going to post a movie review today.

Then there were two racist mass shootings over the weekend, and there was just no space in my head to watch and livetweet a romance.

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Thoughts and prayers, and farting to the wind

16 Feb

(Originally posted to a restricted section at MyMedia, so I can’t link)

School shooting in the UK (Dunbane, 1996): guns banned. Guess how many school shootings since? Guess how many ‘regular’ massacres using guns since?

Massacre in Australia (Port Arthur, 1996): guns banned. Guess how many massacres using guns since?

Side effect in both places: the numbers of death by suicide reduced drastically, partly because most other ways to kill oneself give the person contemplating it enough time to fear pain, to reflect, etc. that many/most call for help before it’s too late, or get other help instead of trying.

208 school shootings in the US since Columbine in 1999: oh, well, mmm…erm…
58 people killed at a night club in Orlando in 2016: oh, well, drinking, and sex, and homosexuals, and…
58 people killed and over EIGHT HUNDRED INJURED while attending a concert in Las Vegas: so tragic, but…well, the second amendment…and freedom…and that’s just the crazies…and…well…nothing can be done
Mass killings by guns (where at least four people are killed by someone using a gun) have increased steadily for years in the US, and gee, wow, the majority of the people killing people with guns are white AND have a history of domestic violence, but let’s point the finger at mental health instead of misogyny, while at the same time eliminating restrictions to own guns for people with mental health issues.

Because ‘freedom’ and ‘the constitution’ and ‘the sacred right to bear arms’ amirite?


edited to add: not even two days later, we have reports of a community college locked down for reports of possible gunfire, on the other side of the continent. February 14, Parkland, Florida.

February 17, Des Moines, Washington. update: apparently, this one was a false alarm. Absolutely believable, but untrue.

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When will we have enough?

1 Aug

I have talked here before about guns, and about children killing themselves and others with guns. Some of my readers likely wish I would shut up about it already.

Yet, when the massacre at Pulse in Orlando happened, I was quiet. I just couldn’t talk about it.

I work just a few miles away. I didn’t know any of the people killed or injured, and still, I could barely come to work and function.

I worry, constantly, about the safety of my adult children–because not a full week goes by without news about incidents where three or more people are shot at somewhere in the US. And that’s only the ones that make the national news, of course.

I was not going to write about this anymore, because it seems like everyone knows what the problem is, and just keep electing people to Congress who will go along with the gun lobby.

Then I read this, by Ilona Andrews:
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4 toddlers ‘accidentally’ shot (and killed) themselves–in one week.

6 May

(For those of you who just came over, Hi!

Here’s where I’ve talked about this before)

No, I am not making it up.

In the space of one single week, in April 2016, four toddlers found unsecured, fully charged guns, within reach, and did what children do: played with them.

From that same article, I see that at least 30 people were shot and killed by children five years or younger–five years or younger!! with three being the most likely age–, and that there were at least 278 unintentional shootings by children and teenagers, during 2015.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

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