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Random hat for Awilda (November 2011)

20 Feb

Awilda's hat from above

I love knitting. It’s at once relaxing and challenging for me. Relaxing because, by it’s very nature, knitting is repetitive. You knit, you purl. You may throw in yarn over or knit two together, hold stitches in front or back for cables or what not, but in the end, you knit and you purl.

It’s challenging because with every piece I knit I discover something new. Continue reading

The Cruella (hat) for Kris B. (November 2011)

13 Feb

I am not sure if every artisan feels the same, but I confess that I’m absolutely thrilled when someone contacts me and asks, “Can you make this for me?” Part of me wants to bounce all over the room, squeeeeeeeing like a fangirl at a booksigning (yes, I’m a bookaholic, your point?) while part of me is half-frozen with panic: can I really make that? Continue reading


5 Jan

I am a self-taught knitter.

Mind you, I come from a family of knitters. My mother outfitted five babies born too close together, by knitting most of our clothes. She was taught by my grandmother, who supplemented her income for years by knitting beautiful vests and shawls. And my grandmother learned from her mother, who learned from her mother, who learned from her mother…and so on and so forth.

But I happen to be left handed and stubborn, which translated in my refusal to knit right handed, and their despairing of ever figuring out how to teach me to knit at all (they didn’t care about knitting ‘right’ or backwards, they just wanted to share this amazing craft with me).

Fast forward a few decades. An aunt by marriage was visiting at my mother’s at the same time I was staying there. As luck would have it, the topic of knitting (and my inability to grasp it) came up. My aunt (who can’t craft to save her life; cooking is her thing) looked at the three of us and said, matter of fact, “You just have to mirror what they do.”

Forget light bulbs, this was a lightning bolt through my brain. Continue reading