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Disjointed thoughts on Harry Potter (not quite a review, frankly)

8 Sep

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneAs I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been feeling more than a bit nostalgic for happier times, a feeling I indulged by rereading the whole seven Harry Potter books one after the other–no detours, no distractions. (Which, quite frankly, is more of a feat than I remembered–did you know the first US hardcover edition of The Order of the Phoenix is over 800 pages long?)

For anyone left in the world who has not read the books (or seen the movies), what follows is extremely spoiler heavy. Oh, and also extremely critical–and definitely not in the “constructive, bland, meaninglessly polite criticism” way either.

Consider yerself warned!

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Magic doesn’t *really* die…

10 Aug

though it can hide behind the drudgery of life.

I’ve been pretty down lately–not just in the I’m a cynical curmudgeonly bitch way, but in a what on earth do I wake up for every morning way–which is a rather more serious matter, obviously.

Among other things, I’ve been missing the once-kidlets. Now young adults living the beginning of their own adventures far away from home, it’s natural that I miss the closeness of years past.

One of the things I remember with most joy–and that rather lovely ache around your heart, a tightening of your throat with the intense feeling of missing them–is when the three of us would pile on my bed in the afternoons and weekends, each with his/her own book, and spent a few hours giggling or sighing, or even tearing up, each one lost in our own little world. Yet a world deeply shared by the other two bookworms on the bed.

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