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Life is weird enough.

21 Jul

As some of you may know, I have worked in food service for over four and a half years now. It may not seem as a long time, and it probably isn’t when you are talking of other types of work. But, as anyone who has worked behind a counter serving the public knows, it doesn’t take long to become both jaded to the appalling levels of rudeness and entitlement displayed for your hapless benefit, and endlessly amazed at the new levels of idiocy and privilege every other day of work brings.

To whit,  shenanigans from this past weekend.

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If you’d rather not hear me wax poetic…

6 Jun

…about the new job, you may want to skip this note.

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Because if I don’t share, I’ll explode: a Goldilocks story

4 Mar

Yesterday at work (not verbatim, but pretty damn close):

Customer to cashier: I want a capuccino.

Cashier: One cappucino.

Customer: With vanilla.

Cashier: Vanilla cappucino.

Customer: But not too much vanilla.

Cashier: Light vanilla…

Customer: No, i don’t want light vanilla, I want regular vanilla.

Cashier: Yes, ma’am, I meant “light” as in “not too much”…

Customer: But I don’t want too little either.

Cashier: …

Three minutes later:

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Assorted weirdness

24 Sep

Updated 06/07/17: I have become aware that Ms Green is not only transphobic, but that she is currently dating a white supremacists/Nazi wannabe/’alt-right’ guy. So, while there is a lot of good information and sex positivity in her channel for cisgender individuals, her online presence as a whole, and her current behaviour, speak of deeply held prejudices. “Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres” (you can tell who people are, by the company they keep), after all. If you are gender fluid, you probably will want to avoid watching.

Last night I found Laci Green’s SEX+ youtube channel and indulged in an veritable orgy of watching. If you have kids, I STRONGLY recommend you spend a few hours watching, choose a few and ensure your teen watches them. I cannot stress enough how I wish someone had been both knowledgeable enough and frank enough with me during my teens, to tell me half the stuff she’s talking about.


This morning I had an interview. It’s in-company, with the idea of finally moving on to a salary manager position. Was depressed once more at the fact that all the people in the corporate office I saw are these skinny blonde twentysomething women who haven’t worked facing the customers in their short privileged lives.

And yet, they are the ones making the decisions, God help me.


To cheer myself up a bit, I stopped at my only remaining local romance friendly used book store, where I dropped $30 I cannot afford (hey, that’s nine books, sue me).

Unfortunately, the books! all mine! to read! glow was smothered by the conversation held loudly by the clerk (not the owner, thank you baby Jesus) and another regular customer.

Why, you may ask?

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Is it abuse or last resort rehabilitation?

13 Sep

(Also known as “this is why you shouldn’t read any youtube comment threads.”)


I have been aware, in a not too keen manner, of the existence of Cesar Millan, the so-called dog whisperer, for quite a while. However, it wasn’t until very recently that I actually watched any of his NatGeoWild videos (which are now posted by the channel itself to youtube).

If you watch more than a few of these, I don’t believe you can fail to be impressed by this guy in at least one regard: It is resoundingly evident that he is not afraid of any dog, regardless of size, behaviour or bite (yes, he’s been bitten on camera more than once, and at least one such bite was bad enough as to require a hospital visit).

You may or may not subscribe to what he describes as dog psychology–pack leadership, dominance, natural state of being, and so on and so forth. (I don’t, by the by.)

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I truly am an awful person

2 Sep

(not that there was any great doubt, mind you)

I was reading CraftGossip, as I tend to do, scrolling part articles, looking for something interesting to make (or at least to read about), when this bit caught my eye: about 30 women, members of the Women’s Institute somewhere in Britain, spent a full year knitting “a village” (miniature people houses, church, farm–the works).

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Brava, New Zealand, well done!

17 Apr

In New Zealand, under the law, the definition of marriage has changed. Marriage equality, a reality.
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