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If you read…

27 Feb

(I originally posted this to MyMedia, where barely anyone at all admits to reading, let alone liking, romance. After a bit of thinking about it, I decided to share it over here too. No need to thank me 🙂 )

If you read romance–and by this, I mean, you have read at least six to ten romance genre books–and if you like it, you will find this both hilarious to the point of tears, and completely accurate.

If you don’t read romance, you may still find it funny and interesting, but you’ll probably miss a lot of the inside jokes.

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Magic Burns, by Ilona Andrews

1 Apr

Magic Burns, by Ilona Andrews.

This is the second Kate Daniels book, coming out on April 1st. The first one, Magic Bites, came out last year.

As a rule, first person narrative irritates me. By its own nature, it requires the author to make sure every single thread of the story comes back to the narrator—or initiates with her—in order to keep the reader up to date with all the developments in the specific world. This is difficult enough in itself; when done in an alternate universe, it tends to translate into a few too many unlikely coincidences for my taste.

Added to this, I happen to be rabid-about internal consistency within fantasy and science fiction stories. Nothing will yank me out of the story quicker than breaking the rules.

And finally, short books usually leave me wanting—the list of writers who, in my opinion, can pull off world building in short stories or novellas is in the single digits. At 260 pages, this one doesn’t quite meet my needs as a reader.

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